Saturday, December 17, 2005

Low-key Saturday, as it should be

No big excitements, irritations, anxieties, or hard labor. My innovative back door fix seemed to work against the cold drizzling rain. Of course, there wasn't any big winds to disrupt it, but my house stayed dry for the first time since Hurricane Rita and I got through a rain without needing a mop somewhere! It would be nice if it was because it was fixed properly, but I'll take what I can get.

Lucy was a riot today, and Tommy, too. They both like to go outside, in and out all day long; but when I let Lucy out, she took a couple steps onto the porch, abruptly stopped when she realized it was raining and cold, pulled up her left rear foot and shook it, like she had stepped in a puddle or something (no, she didn't. She was still on a dry porch) - she turned her head back and looked to see if I was still holding the door open, looked back at the weather, and then did an abrupt about face and back in the house she came! "Huh-uh, no, I"m not going out in that!"

Tommy at the same time also went out. While Lucy was deciding what she wanted to do, Tommy went to the steps, stopped - contemplated the situation, turned around and started to the opposite end of the porch, stopping to tell me he was none too happy. When he reached that destination and saw it was no better on that end, he went back to the steps. You could see a frown quickly developing on his brow. Then back to the opposite end of the porch again, I suppose hoping it was better than he had thought, then back to the steps once more! Realizing he was trapped, he made one or two more paces back and forth, looking at me as if to say, "I am not liking this!" He was a bit braver than Lucy, though. He finally decided to make a run for it and hurried to get under James' trailer, then over to the neighbor's house. They were funny.

My achievements for today consisted of finishing a depo and getting all the tacking strips pulled up and the staples out from where the carpet padding had been stabled down, swept up all the trash into an old newspaper because of the tacks and nails and splinters, and then threw it in James' trailer with the carpet. Wish I could put a whole lot of other stuff in that trailer while it's here!

A friend of my boys' who had also become a friend of mine and would come by to visit even after they had moved off called today. He lives in Austin now. When Billy came by around Thanksgiving, he had left my phone number on Clay's answering machine, and today Clay called. I hadn't talked to him either in probably three or four years. Such a pleasant surprise. We had a good conversation catching up. I sure miss all the kids coming around. It always makes me feel good for them to get in touch from time to time!

Otherwise, I was pretty lazy today. I should have started on the other depo, but I will give it full attention tomorrow, even if it is Sunday.


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