Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bedroom floor: Finished...

Wow, I am so tired! I was determined to finish my job, which I did; and checked to see if we have anything in the wings that would have come in this week -- nothing. So, the in-box is empty again. But it's expected to pick up after New Year's. So, I better make hay while I have the time off.

Anyway, it was about 5:30 when I got done with that; so, I went back to my flooring project. The last strip was pretty tricky because it goes under the door into the hallway, and the only way to do it was to take the door down, pull facing loose at the bottom, and cut some irregular boards. But I did it!! I finished off the closet, put the baseboards down everywhere, put the door back on (that's tricky!), carried all the tools and supplies to my back room, swept sawdust, picked up scrap boards, positioned the pieces that were already in the room. But I haven't started reloading the room yet because I want to go over the floor one more time with a damp mop and get some colored caulking to use to touch up a couple of places that will never show anyway, but I'll be happier if I do. Then I want to really go over the furniture with polish and maybe even some wood soap to bring it back to life again.

I had two full boxes left and a third box with only one board used out of it. My intention was to do the hallway, but after the trouble I had with the facings and the doors, I am having second thoughs. In fact, I think maybe it would accent the wood floors in the bedroom more if there was a transition from the hall. So, I've decided to do the middle bedroom, as well. I'll need a few more boxes, but not many, maybe only two or three.

So, my plan now for the hall is to find a real nifty looking vinyl flooring and pay to have it put down. Insurance calculated for that and also for flooring in my master bath. So, I can have that done at the same time. Neither floor is too big. So, it shouldn't be too much. And there's no hurry for that project. I'll wait till after the middle room is done and I'm in the mood to deal with contractors again -- speaking of which, I hope James is planning on finishing the patio and eaves shortly after New Year's.

Well, I'm pretty proud of the floor. It looks nice and fresh. And it's amazing how easy it is to slide the furniture on it! I pulled the chest of drawers over to its place with one hand! Woopie!!

Well, I am really tired, and sore from the bending and stooping and squatting and lifting. But it's a good tired. And I'll be happy to get the whole room all put together and get back in my own bed again.


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