Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday's report

Any of you bloggers sometimes have a trouble coming up with a snappy title? I know it should be something to catch the eye, generate interest -- "more of same" or "slight progress today" or -- how about "Wednesday's Report"!

Well, I was busy as the proverbial bee today. I touched up a few streaks on my newly painted wall, put the flooring down and baseboards to as far as I could, before shifting the furniture to thenewly laid floor side and put down the rest of the flooring, with the exception of the last strip, which will be the strip that will make the entrance to the hallway, which I bought enough flooring for, as well.

In between doing all that, I worked on my job. I want to get it finished by tomorrow because Friday I'm going to Houston to see John and my little granddaughter, Sheridan. I'd work on the job some, then go do some in the bedroom, get tired, come back and do some more on the computer.

Just as I left the room for one of my breaks, coincidentally, the cable guy was driving up. So, I was glad I saw him or I might not have heard him knocking. He got my Road Runner connection back in my front office. So, now that is done and the 50 feet of cable extension is now rolled up and put away for next time -- ugh - hope there won't be another next time.

Tommy has been maybe just a little better today. He did go in and out, but he's not jumping around for joy, that's for sure. I guess he'll be okay. He either scratched his nose or something, because I saw a little tiny drop of blood coming from his right nostril. He let me dab it with a damp cloth, and then he even cleaned at it with his paw. I've never heard of a cat with a nosebleed! It seems okay, though, and apparently no more problem from it.

I had walked outside to just get a breath of air and saw the sunset! Wow! What a sunset we had! It was almost 360 degrees around me! The sky was just magnificant! I took a few pictures. The "scenery" around here leaves much to be desired, so I tried to minimize all the distracting objects. While James was roofing my back room, I had a brainstorm of an idea that when all is done with my house, I'd like to make it a sun deck since it's almost flat. I told James I wanted him to build me some steps to get up there -- I'd call it my "stairway to heaven." Then I could watch and photograph the sunsets much less hampered by all the ugly stuff on the ground that I have to try to see over or through! Good idea, huh?


At 12/30/2005 04:50:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

Stunning sunset indeed. All the best to you in the new year. I"m sure you're all to happy to say goodbye to 2005.

At 12/30/2005 11:49:00 PM , Blogger Lumoto said...

Thanks, Luz! Something about a new year that always puts us in mind of starting fresh, even when we still carry everything forward
Best to you and yours in this new year, as well! :)


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