Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kitchen Design - Done!

What a fun and nifty little Kitchen Design program on the Bobvila page. It took some getting used to, and I won't claim everything is perfect, but it's good enough to show whatever carpenter I hire exactly what I want. The program is limited on some things, so just a little imagination is necessary, but not too much. I've now expanded my lay efforts to kitchen design! :)
Here are some screen shots.

This full length wall will have to be constructed; and the door will be a pocket door.

At present that wall is a bar where the table in the diagram is, then an opening of about 6 feet, and then 6 feet of wall, with the refrigerator in the corner on the front wall facing into the room, where the corner cabinet is in the diagram.

The table and chairs in the nook I'm hoping to be a dining booth whereas the half wall represents the back of the booth bench. I guess that's the only iffy thing, if I have a booth made or try to find a proper table and chairs and do it as diagrammed. It's not a lot of chair sliding room; so I might have to do the booth idea.

I'm addicted to TV being on all the time; and at first I thought about having an opening over table where I could sit there and see the big TV in the living room, maybe put shutters in the opening when I wanted it closed off. But because I really want my kitchen to feel like a "real" kitchen away from the living room, I'm pretty sure I'll have a whole wall there and find a place to put a small TV somewhere.

The stove is presently next to the sink; so it's getting moved to be against the new wall. The overhead ceiling light in the diagram will be a ceiling fan probably.

The dishwasher will stay in the same place, though mine is black where the program didn't have a black one. The little cabinet to the right of the door, which is the entry to my office, is now a narrow pantry, but for continuity, I want the top and bottom cabinets throughout. The door in front of that cabinet on the offset wall goes into my utility room and outside.

There is now a built-in china cabinet on the wall where I'm moving the refrigerator and finishing out the wall with a base and wall cabinets.

The only other thing is the program only has flat ceilings, where I have a cathedral ceiling. Whether the carpenter will leave it open above the cabinets or use molding somehow to trim it out is not yet decided.

I do have to see about leveling. So, as much as I don't want to, I guess I'll call Curtis Wright back and see if they'll still come redo my level for a nominal fee. I hope Mr. Jones will give me a good price to do all this. But I'm so excited!!

So, whaddaya think of my plan?


At 1/09/2006 07:51:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sherry this looks good but think your fridge is to far away from rest of your work area.

At 1/09/2006 08:29:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

Looks nice but I have to agree with Anonymous...fridge is too far away. However, maybe the pics make the kitchen look bigger than it may actually be but something to think about. Still, can't wait to see pics of your actual kitchen.

At 1/09/2006 08:55:00 PM , Blogger Lumoto said...

I agree it's far, but there's no choice in order to gain countertop working space. At present I have virtually none, 12 inches on the right of the stove and 5 1/2 inches on the left! The countertop on the other side of the sink is taken up with coffee pot, microwave, and canister set. There is a floor vent also there that would prohibit me from moving it to that side. There's just no other place to put it - is it? The length of the kitchen is 17 feet. Maybe if I put the microwave on the cabinet next to it, it will at least be handy for TV dinners or a Coke from the table!! lol


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