Friday, January 06, 2006

Dream Kitchen? Step 1

Okay. So, maybe it won't be my dream kitchen. I would have to have a whole new house to get that. But at least a new and improved kitchen. My present cabinets are, like most mobile home cabinets, particle board, and they have seen the better part of their lives. Getting new ones is getting down to almost a necessity. Unfortunately Rita didn't do much damage to my kitchen; so I've got to foot the bill; but as I've mentioned before, I'm trying to save on insurance funds from here and there to scrape together something. I've had an idea in my mind of what I want, but whether it's feasible or not is another story.

I made a rough sketch and rough measurements and went to Lowe's to see what's involved in this. Mrs. Jones had said her husband would come out sometime Saturday, so I wanted to be at least a little bit familiar. I talked to one of the clerks, just in general terms, looked through the custom styles and then and was looking at some of the pre-made cabinets across the back wall. A contractor said, "Buy these. That's what I'm going to put in my house." He pointed to some white cabinets. So, we conversed a minute, and I got the impression he was a contractor and asked. Yes, he was. He was from Waco, had been here about three weeks trying to get Rita repair work and seemed to be quite knowledgeable about cabinet installation and carpentry in general. He gave me his card. I asked if he would be willing to come out to my house and take a look today. And he rattled off his schedule for the rest of the day and said he could come about 5:00. So, I gave him my phone number and address and directions.

I then went back to the desk and a different clerk chatted with me some, and took my rough sketch and numbers and figured out generally what pieces I would have to have; so I now have a very rough price in mind. Oh, boy! It's sooo involved!! And it's not cheap! Even using pre-fabbed stuff - Wow! Cost of the cabinets, the countertops, the labor -- not counting tear out -- then a floor and sink and faucets. This is really going to be a major operation! I guess I can do the tear-out at least.

By then it was about 1:00. My hair has been neglected for quite some time. So, I stopped at the Hair Cartel, walked in and asked for a cut and perm. Fortunately she could do it right then; so I'm now all "kinked" up like a little ol' lady! I can still smell it, though. I really hate the smell of permanents.

That took a couple of hours and by then I was starving; so I stopped at Popeye's and went home to straighen up the house for my upcoming visitor. He called and said he would have to come tomorrow. He just couldn't make it this afternoon. Now, how considerate is that!! He called! That alone tells me he's reliable!

Since Mrs. Jones said her husband would come Saturday, I had to call her to see when he would be coming. It seems Mr. Jones had actually called me yesterday while I was outside working on the siding and then today while I was at Lowe's! But he didn't leave a message. Anyway, she said he would be here at 9:00 in the morning. So, I called Bob back; and we'll keep the 11:00 o'clock appointment!

So, woopie!! Jump and shout!!! Two bids tomorrow on a kitchen overhaul! I know I'll have to tone down what I want for cost reasons and even space reasons, but anything will be better than what I have now. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE my kitchen - the design of it, the functionability of it, everything!

Maybe I'll get these guys to take a look at my patio and eave work I need, as well. I haven't heard back from Tommy yet. With so many projects needing attention, it's hard for me to focus on one at a time. My poor brain bounces from one to the other. So, for now, I'm going to see if there's something on TV or find a DVD and try to forget about it all till in the morning.


At 1/07/2006 03:31:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

I hope you found a good TV show or DVD to watch.


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