Monday, January 16, 2006

Time out from repairs for some serious Patriotism...

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If you didn't see Al Gore giving his speech at Constitution Hall today on C-Span at 11:00 central time, then please, for your own self-interest and edification, read the transcript. I'm not a big Drudge Report fan, for sure, but that's the only place I know of where the transcript is posted at the present time. C-Span has not yet committed itself to a rerun as far as I know, and it's highly doubtful that the media will give his speech any mention and, if so, it will be so in passing such that it will be virtually nonexistent.

Regardless of what you think of Al Gore, he is one of only precious few voices who is bold and brave enough to speak the truth about what is happening in this Administration. Unfortunately Main Stream Media will not give those voices any air time to wake up the half of the public and even some of our elected officials, Democrats included, who are living in some kind of fog. Far be from me to even begin to recap all or even part of what he said, but there are some of us out here who saw the handwriting on the wall in 2000 and shudder to see that our worst fears weren't even close to what is happening right before our eyes. This is so very important! Please, please, take some time and read this. When and if it is published on the web as a video - and if I can find it - I'll edit this space and place a link here.

Regardless of which side of politics you are on, please read it!


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