Saturday, January 14, 2006

I don't believe it! I'm finally level!

Time to cheer!

They got here about 12:30 and finished up about 2:00. Unfortunately I had to pay another $185, but I kinda figured I would have to pay something. A level job is $350 now; and I have to date paid $930 ($750 to Layfield, not to Vidor Mobile Homes) - but I did get some new blocks, too, if that's any consoliation for me. Under the circumstances, I can see their viewpoint. So, I didn't complain. I just had to tell the happy ending first! It's level! Weeee!

But to go back to sequence, I called Frank this morning and told him they never showed up and hated to be a pest. He said they told him they came by yesterday and I wasn't home. NO WAY! I watched every second! So, he said he would go get him up and make him come back out here.

A little while later, the man called (didn't get his name), but said he was from Vidor Mobile Homes (Wright's) and said he had a delivery to do first and then would be here about 12:30, and was true to his word! They worked pretty hard, said they had to raise me up almost 4 inches. While they were jacking on the house and hammering in shims and whatever they were doing, there were times I got a bit worried from the sensations and popping on the inside of the house. But everything was fine. They assured me the roof joint wasn't affected, which I was worried about, and there wasn't any twisting or undo stress on my frame like Bob had tried to scare me to death with. My house was never in any danger. They said the dirt will probably settle again and more than likely lose the level, but that's just the nature of the soil in this area. I snapped a few pictures to prove to myself that they really did come! This has been an ongoing fight since October. Oh, how I pray it holds longer than a few days!

The guy in the last pic on the left is Frank. He came out to check on things and also I suppose to tell the man to give me a bill for the $185 since it was more of a job than they thought. I didn't go out because I thought it was just somebody the guy knew. When he collected the money, he told me Frank had come by.

After they left, I drove out to PetSmart to get some kitty food and litter. I was moving over to the left lane on the freeway and heard somebody laying on their horn. I quickly got back to my lane and realized there had been a little white car in my blind spot. I had looked, but just didn't see him. Thank GOD! Thankfully, I made it to PetSmart without further incident. I just cringed to think what a huge problem a wreck would have been. Thank God! Thank God! it didn't happen.

I vow I will not go to PetSmart again on a Saturday. Saturday is adoption day. People had their dogs and cats in little cages and pens and I felt so sorry for them. One little dog - looked like a fox terrier, I think - reminded me of a little dog I used to have (mid '80s), Kojak, who was soooo funny! He was a real comedian! I only had him a year and he got ran over. I cried for two weeks! Anyway, this little dog barked and barked. There were a couple of puppies, not too young, and some grown dogs that you knew were wondering what in the world was going to happen to them. The little cats were all in smaller cages, grown cats, really pretty, but I just could imagine how traumatic it would be for my four if they were in similar circumstances. It just broke my heart! I wish I had tons of space and money so I could have a rescue farm for all of these needy little four-legged sweethearts. But no, I didn't pet any or bring any home. Still, they sure tugged at my heart strings. I hope they can all get good and loving homes. Sad thing is, a lot of these people have dozens of animals and they bring only the most lovely to these adoption days. So, it makes me even sadder for ones left. But most of these people are kind-hearted and will try to keep the animals till they find a home for them.

The rest of the day I have done nothing. The bedroom floor can wait. Getting the house level and that huge stress and worry removed from my brain has left me feeling completely wasted. If it doesn't hold this time, then that's it. I will buy myself a pair shoes with a stacked heel and wear only one. That way at least I'll be level even if the house isn't! Now that I know my house isn't about to be ripped down the middle or twisted like a pretzel, I'm estatic! Thank you, Frank!


At 1/15/2006 12:19:00 AM , Blogger Luz said...

Big day today! Good deal! Little baby steps make big steps!!


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