Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tomorrow's promises...

Ever seen this picture? It circled through the email world awhile back, Sidewalk Drawings! Anyway, this one seemed to fit my mood today, which was a total down day, working pretty much lackadaisacally on my job, playing more than a few games of Free Cell to clear my head, feeling tired, sleepy, and to be honest, a bit more than a little depressed. I made some phone calls. Here's my list:
1. Called James Callas - left message on home phone to email me since his email is no longer working and/or send me back my $30.
2. Called Tommy Monta- something. I can't ever remember his last name. He has a company and lives in Lumberton, was in Robert's class I think - who came out last week to bid on patio and back room eaves, etc. He had forgot about me. Said he's had 3 patios delivered that were wrong and that his driver had been put in jail and his load confiscated! Said his dad had called about his own bid, too, that he had also forgottten. Will get with me tomorrow.
3. Called a phone number out of the newspaper, A&W Enterprises - said he was in Jasper and will call me tomorrow or Saturday.
4. Called another number out of the newspaper - R&G Remodeling - message "I'm out of my truck. Leave a number." So I did - and lo and behold he (George) called me back this evening. He does all repairs, even leveling and cabinets! Will be out tomorrow after 3:00 or 4:00 and will call if he can't come. That's thoughtful!
5. Called a third number out of newspaper -- Southeast Texas Construction - lady answered phone, more business-like, "Someone will call this evening or in the morning." They haven't called yet.
6. Called Frank from Wright's Mobile Home who promised to get my house leveled this week, knew I had been rooked! And again, lo and behold, he says he will have his crew here -- are you ready -- Tomorrow!! REALLY? What time? In the morning! Oh, you made me sooo happy!! They have a couple other jobs in my area. He won't be coming, but his crew. PRAY THIS HAPPENS!

With all these hopes of getting something done, I feel revitalized. So, I need to "beat-feet" as they say and finish up my job so I won't have to worry about it and can concentrate when all these people come out here like they say they will! Gullible, ain't I?


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