Friday, January 13, 2006

Promises! HA!

(edited: postscript added at end)

Okay. Today is Friday the 13th. But as far as I can tell, it must have been April Fool! Usually Friday 13th is, for some strange reason, a good day for me. I guess it's because I always look a little harder for something good to happen. So, with all the promises of yesterday, I was hopeful. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. I'm plenty disgusted, frustrated, and all at the same time, not surprised one bit.

I pushed to finished my job last night and got up early to be dressed in case Frank's crew came early. He had said this morning. I piddled on the net, redid the wall arrangement in my hallway, hung another picture in my bedroom. Waiting! I called Frank about 10:45. "Don't let them forget me!" "Oh, no. They'll be there today. I told them this morning. I don't know what time, but they'll be there." Liar!

I couldn't leave. I didn't even want to go outside because I might miss a phone call or not see them come to my front door. So, I decided to start emptying out my middle room so I can put down the flooring in that room. I had bought enough for this room, as well, when I did my bedroom. So, it's been sitting there stacked on the floor waiting on me. That is the room I had all the extra computer equipment in and slowly it has filled up with things not put in their proper places. There was a desk, as well, that I didn't want in there anymore, so I managed to slide it out of that room and through the house to the back room and down the steps(two steps, not a flight of stairs). It will be more functional in my work room. There was some stuff under the bed that I found new places for and stuff in the closet floor that I also had to move. I didn't work at full speed, just took my time, thinking somebody would show up or call. Nobody! Not James who I've now left two messages. Not Tommy who promised to call today. Not George who promised to be here between 3:00 and 4:00 and would absolutely call if he couldn't make it. Not Mr. Jones to see about what changes I had in my cabinet plan. Not Roland who was supposed to give me an estimate bid. Not Jason who never showed up at his promised time to give me a cabinet bid. Not anybody from Southeast Texas Construction who the lady said somebody would call me last night or this morning.

Well, that's that. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I'm ticked off and disappointed and mad at myself for believing all these morons. I looked at the TV schedule and there's nothing worth watching. I've heard all the news today. And most of it also added to my irritability. So, I'll go rummage through my movies and find something. I guess with this being a weekend, I can forget about anything happening now till next week. So, at least maybe my middle bedroom will get full attention now and I can add another room to my "finished" list. Woopie.

PS -- at 11:34 p.m.
I chose a movie I had recorded on VHS - Pandora's Clock, with Richard Dean Anderson. It was a four-hour mini series aired in November, 1996. Since I don't remember movies very well, it was just familiar enough to know I had seen it before, but I didn't remember enough about it to spoil the ending! An advantage to a lousy memory -- can enjoy a movie the second time! :) It was pretty good. I enjoyed it, and it got my mind off repairs for a while.


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