Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Status Quo

Sometimes I wonder what's the point. Today has been less than productive, doing about half my job, did minimal housework, and managed to get the garbage out for in the morning. Speaking of which, whoever took the carpet yesterday brought most of it back. Apparently they kept maybe one small roll for whatever they wanted a piece of carpet for. It didn't look like they had untaped what they brought back. Shoot, I should put a surveillance camera on my garbage spot. It gets more activity than my front door does!

Anyway, I called Tommy's beeper again. He's the one who is supposed to bid for my patio and eaves, porch, and what little siding work I have He didn't call me back. I called the cabinet shop I had stopped at the other day, Ray's. Roland said, no, he hasn't worked up a bid. He simply hasn't had time. I called Mrs. Jones and asked her if her husband was not interested in working on my kitchen, was it too out of the ordinary of a job or something. She said she was sure that wasn't the case, that he has been very busy, and she would ask him and either he would call me or she would call me back. No phone calls from either of them.

So, why should I care. I have a roof over my head now that doesn't leak. I can hang plastic over my back door to keep rain out. Nobody can even see the back anyway unless you deliberately go back there -- which nobody does. Hopefully I'll get a surge of new enthusiasm, but tonight it's non-existent. I'll finish my middle room floor in a day or two. No hurry on that either. There's only a little bit left from the repairs that I have the ability to do without needing help - like putting up the rest of the skirting. That's about it. I'll have to have somebody do the bathtub kit, unless I get brave and think I can do it - which I have no idea how to do faucets. I almost think I could set the cabinets in my kitchen, but I'd need help with the wall units, and I don't know how to put the countertops on, or what to do where I'd need spacers. I just need help and can't find any! So, as I said, what's the point. It really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.

As far as my job goes, it's not like there's a ton of work waiting for me to do once this is done. So, the lack of output today wasn't detrimental to anything other than my mood.

Tomorrow is a new day, thank goodness.


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