Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wow, Post No. 100

Now I feel like an old-timer blogger! I think the only day I missed was New Year's. So, this is some kind of mile marker, I suppose. Too bad there's not anything real earth shattering to write about -- well, wait there is -- sort of!

It rained hard today. Not huge news, but we haven't been getting much rain. And this is the first time we had a really nice rain and I didn't have any leaks or rain coming in anywhere in the house! The patio cover didn't appear to leak. I didn't have to have a blue tarp hanging over my back door to keep rain from coming in under it. I didn't hear the aluminum banging in the breeze! So, that's a very major accomplishment!

My yard man came today and mowed. The yard really didn't need it, and at first I was a bit annoyed that he would come in January to mow, but there were a few ragged edges around and it did make things look freshly cared for. So, I didn't fuss. He needs to have work during the wintertime, too, and he's very diligent to keep it up without me having to keep calling him.

Other than that, I finished up the big part of the big job. which is in two part, and will do the rest tomorrow. Then I worked on my plan for my booth, started calculating materials I'll need. When I was younger I could do these 3D scale drafting drawings; in fact, I even drew blueprints for a house we built a long time ago; but I can't remember how to do it now. Somehow I'm working around it. Beyond that, it's been relax time! I've been watching Lifetime movies all evening - no blockbusters, for sure, but good enough to keep my interest. A complete couch potato tonight!

I did get a notification from Domestications that they were mailing my new curtains; so they should be here in a few days, and by then maybe the throws that are back-ordered will be sent. Hopefully the colors will be as I'm imagining them. The bedroom spread and curtains I ordered from Penney's were actually better than the catalog and website pictures - richer colors. But you never know.

I have to tell on myself a senior moment I had today. When the yard man wished me a good weekend, I, of course, thought he meant beginning tomorrow and the next day. Then while working on my job I had the TV on the news channels and noticed where Headliners & Legends was coming on MSNBC and Carol Lin was doing the news on CNN. That seemed odd to me to be a Friday. Those are usually weekend programming. Finally I decided to check the computer clock and lo, today is Saturday! So, all day I was sure today was Friday, and here Saturday was just about half gone by the time I realized it. Gosh I really hate it when that happens. It's so hard to get my inner schedule back in synch.

Well, now I know, tomorrow is Sunday -- gosh, wasn't it just Sunday a few days ago? Whew, time sure goes by fast!


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