Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tying up loose ends...

Apparently Allstate wasn't quite finished yet. John called me last night and said an Allstate adjuster left a message on his answering machine for me to call her. This was about my contents, which the adjuster to damages to my house didn't want to deal with. She had sort of acted like I didn't have enough to fool with and wasn't interested in putting inside stuff in her calculations. So, I was surprised to hear about this. Of course I called this new lady today and she has been trying to reach me to work up my contents claim. So, I discussed with her what I had - not really much, but a couple of expensive reference books were ruined, my tables that were in my office, my World Atlas that I had paid about $80 for from either Readers Digest or National Geographic, and my remounting of my Indian picture that I paid about $60-something for.

She asked if I had pictures -- (she didn't know who she was talking to! (smile!) So, I went back and found the pertinent pictures and also the receipt for my remounting and emailed them to her. I sure hope I'll get a little bit back for all that. I don't have replacement insurance because you can't get that clause in a mobile home, but I know my Technical Terms Reference book was about $100 and my Chemical Dictionary was about that much, too, along with some other reference books. So, we'll see!

If I get enough back from it, I think I'll use the money to buy a new digital camera I have my eye on. I have the Konica-Minolta Z2, which broke right when I came back from the evacuation. Thankfully I had the extended warranty on it and got it fixed, but it's still sitting on my desk in the box. I've been using my HP Photosmart, which is fully automatic. But the one I want is the Z6, which is 6 megapixel instead of 4 and has a 12x zoom as opposed to the 10x on the Z2 and it has anti-shake, which will be really nice! It's not that I have so much use for it since there's not exactly a lot of gorgeous scenery around here, but I like to play around with photography and try to learn about the settings and so forth, take macros of bugs and flowers and things and try to get birds in trees with the zoom. My photography websites are listed in Photo Collections, listed on the right. Anyway, if this unexpected little bit of money comes my way, that's what I'll do with it.

Speaking of unexpected money - I got an email from a psychic type reading newsletter and she told me on February 9 that my birthday (September 28, 1946) and February 9 adds up to 4, and 4 is a major lucky number and that I should be extremely lucky in games of chance on that day. So, as it happens, my mom's birthday is February 9, so I told her today we need to go to Kinder for her birthday and see if my good luck will be a reality! I'm not much into this stuff, but hey, what if it's right!

Today I had to do a Walmart run, and bought a couple of little outside door mats for my porch and bought the hunter green spray paint for the ratan chair and table. Who knows when I'll get around to that project, but at least I have the paint for it now.

Last night I was looking around on the Domestications website and found some curtains I liked for my living room and throws for my couch and loveseat. They were on sale, so I ordered them to brighten up the living room. The curtains should be here in a few days, but the throws -- actually they're quilts -- were on back order and it will be Feb 2nd, before they're available. I won't show pictures of what I picked out yet. When it's all done, I'll post them since I'm not positive the colors will go together. It looked like it on the computer screen, but they weren't in a set, so they might not work with each other. We'll see.

Well, guess I better work tonight. I did got some done this morning before I had to leave; so it looks like I'm doing a split shift today. At least that's an advantage of working at home -- you can keep crazy hours.


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