Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Almost finished...

There are only a few things left to do in the morning, and they're done. Today wasn't without a few glitches, though.

First inkling that things weren't going smooth was my kitchen window cracked. He looked at how it's put in and didn't know how to change it. I let him off the hook and told him I'd just tape it with clear tape so it wouldn't shatter. My front window had been that way for a long time. But I'm not going to be calling San Jacinto Glass out and spend $60 on it now. I know I could have held his feet to the fire to get it fixed, but it was from jarring or something that made it crack, and they were trying so hard, I just didn't think it would be right to hassle him over it. He didn't do it on purpose.

Next problem was Doug tried to put hinges on the existing hot water heater door, even bought a set, they were wrong, and had to go buy another set; but it still didn't work right, and it wound up cracking the white piece that trimmed it out. He wanted to just credit me with that part of it and forget about it since he had lost a lot of time fighting it; but I asked how hard it would be to make a new door, since the existing one was warped and bowed out at the top, which was the real reason to get it fixed rather than the hinges. He agreed, and did that. It's not gorgeous, but as long as it won't let rain in, it will be okay. I'm so ready to get finished. At least the horizontal board across the top wasn't any trouble. That's fixed.

Since trouble comes in threes, today was no exception. The eaves: They needed the piece for the outside edge to fit into, and I didn't have it. So there was nothing to attach them to. Again, my suggestion was to use a 1-by as the edging. It wound up being a bit thicker than what would look good, but once it was up, it was too late to complain.

By the time he got that side of the eaves done and started down the back, he ran out, right at the hole that had rotted through. So, first thought was to take down what was up and put it across the back and paint the side under the awning, but we decided to just replace the back eave with plywood and paint it. He also promised to make me some type of shelter for the a/c unit, which
he just didn't get to today.

The patio looks fine! It's really nice to have it all covered again, and not have to put the plastic tarp over the back door. All that's left to do there is take down the one of gutter that's left. The gutters didn't serve the purpose they were there for anyway, so, I'm not putting them back up. Once my kitchen is done, I think I'll try to create an inviting patio for myself. It's big enough!

The north end of the house was fixed, as well, boards replaced with cedar and only needs a second coat of paint. Before Hurricane Rita, the only painting I had to do was the porch and steps, but now there's a little bit more. But so be it. This is the side that I finished putting back the skirting on the other day.
The guy he brought to do the painting on the porch was diligent and did a nice job. He will come back out with Doug in the morning and touch up any places that might need a second coat. Poor Tommy is upset that he's had to be in all day and tonight. Once I get some new mats and put some plants on the porch, it will look really nice. I think I'll spray paint my ratan chair and table leaf green.

Tomorrow, they will be here about 10:00 he said, and should finish in a couple of hours. I went ahead and paid him $800 of the $1000 I had left owning. But they worked so hard and I know some of these things were more than he bargained for, so I told him tomorrow I would give him $300, which is $100 over our agreed $2,000 and told him he could give out my name and number for references. Things aren't perfect, but he's really dedicated to try and is punctual and repairing is a whole lot different from new construction. You have to just do the best you can with what you've got to work with. So, even with the little imperfections, I'm happy with the job they did.

Once they finish up in the morning, then as far as I'm concerned, I'm finished with all the Rita damages outside! I can't believe it! Inside the only thing left is the hall floor and the hall bath; but I'm in no hurry on those things. There's a little bit to do in my now "hobby room" but I'm in no hurry on that either. Kitchen is next, I hope.

And, thank God!! -- a job came in - a nice big job with a not so nice time crunch! So, tomorrow I'll be having to stay glued to the computer and try to get back in gear!


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