Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday - day of rest?

Not really! But it hasn't been too hectic. I finished up my job, which didn't take very long. There were a few pieces of skirting that had to be shortened some to put back on my north end, and I finally got around to doing that and put them up. So, now the skirting job is complete. The insurance had paid me for new ones and labor, but I salvanged all mine and put them back up myself. So, I'm patting myself on the back for that achievement.

It was pretty late in the day when I started trying to get those last boards on my laminated flooring project. They are tricky cuts, and I guess I was too tired when I started because I've been having a hard time getting them right. I'm so close to finishing, but I'm going to stop before I bugger up something more than I want to deal with.

Other than that, I looked on the Internet for a booth design that I can use for my kitchen. The cabinet guy had told me that it would be very expensive to have one built. So, I wanted to see if I couldn't find one that would be simple enough I might can do it myself. I really want to at least try, and I've decided the worst that can happen is I lose some money by messing up some materials. I found this design ---

and I studied it out, thinking about measurements, and sort of a pattern of how to construct it. Instead of plywood, though, believe it or not, I'm going to use a laminated floor. When I was in Sutherland's I saw one that they didn't have before. It's dark mahogony and had an extremely high gloss to it, smooth as glass, almost like a very dark mirror. It's gorgeous! There's no way any amount of polyeurathane would ever get that finish! So, that's ideal for the surface of my booth benches. I will have to make a few minor alterations to this picture, mainly to make it simple enough that I can do it; but the color of the back of in the picture is very close to what I saw.

I've decided not to put a full wall and door between the kitchen and the living room, but will still tear out the bar and put a half wall there with maybe something like several spindles to still give it a divided look. I know - well, feel pretty confident - I can do that much myself. This way even if I'm later getting somebody to install my cabinets, this corner won't affect anything and I can get started pretty soon. Of course, I'll finish up this flooring project first and get that bedroom back in habitable condition and wait till the boys get through with all my outside work. So, at least it's a plan.

We just had a little shower a few minutes ago. Gosh, as bad as we need rain, I sure hope it will be good enough weather for them to work tomorrow! And I hope they show up! I'll admit, I'm a little nervous about it. But after so many unpleasant experiences with these contractors, maybe I'm entitled to be a little gun shy.

Tommy has been in and out all day today! I swear that cat needs a revolving door. But he's in now. So, at least I don't have to go crawling around under houses to find him tonight.


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