Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday's report...

Certainly nothing very earth shattering happened today unless you consider two contractors actually showed up like they said they would. Larry was the first to come out, and he was very nice, seemed to have tons of work going on. He took his time, even visited some about his own remodeling and looked over all my outside work. Hopefully his bid will be within reason and he'll be able to get to it within a time frame before summer. He offered some ideas and even saw some problem areas in my siding that needed a little attention. So, he made a good impression. He did take time to look at my kitchen plan was wasn't interested in doing that. That's okay.

Next to show up was Mike. He had his work crew foreman with him, and it was quite soon that they said they would have to decline on my work. He wanted to rip what patio cover I have left off and rebuild a full patio cover and deal with the insurance company. Since I'm maxed out with the insurance on my attachments, I think that was his big turn-off. But at least he didn't beat around the bush. I do appreciate that.

Roland called with the custom cabinet bid - over $4700, not counting tops and staining. Of course that's not tear out either or moving the gas connection or water line to the dish washer. So, I thanked him and was complimenting how nice his work was, and he had already hung up! Well, okay! Let's don't waste any more time on this one! So, I'm sure I'll have to use the unfinished pre-mades. They added up to about $1700. Of course that's not installing them, but I doubt installing them would be $3,000. Just who to get!

I paged Tommy again -- he still didn't call me back. Guess that's that for Tommy. I know he's busy, but he could at least return the call.

The girl I work for came by and we traded out jobs, the one I had done for one she took yesterday. Another little job! She's getting nervous, too, about how slow things are. Things are bound to pick up soon! Guess I better get the kitchen done while I still have a little insurance money left. If I have to go bankrupt, I want to at least have my kitchen! lol

I have a neighbor, Jimmy - he's a preacher in Silsbee - and he also did my yard for several years. He knows I know a little bit about computers since I've helped him with his in the past. And he stopped me in the yard to chat and ask me about some printer ink. So, in the course of the conversation, he said he is now the manager of this park I live in, that Parigi has hired him to monitor things going on out here! Great! So, I commented about how the empty space beside me needs cleaning up. And he said he was fixing to make lots of people mad by requiring that they get skirting on their houses. That's the rules, it's in the contract, but it's not enforced. He said Parigi is wanting to get things looking nice again, and that he is going to put a privacy fence all the way around us! WOO-HOO! I need one so bad because of a commercial site right behind me that is really an eye sore. It's even gotten worse than it was because they've moved two big ol' dumpsters in and they're right up next to the fence. When I moved here in '90 there was a wood fence there, but Parigi tore it down and they've let me know they will not put it back. But of course, just to keep me from totally enjoying this news, he said they would be starting at the front and going counterclockwise around the park. That means I'll be last to get mine!! That part really sucks! Jimmy also said that some of the rent trailers that are in such bad shape, Parigi is going to get somebody to tear down and haul them off. So, all in all, he had good news. Of course, none of this will be immediately. Still too much hurricane repair work, but as soon as things settle down some, then that's the plan. He said he has a church friend who built him a really nice deck and he would get in touch with him to see if he would be interested in helping me with some of my work, my patio and stuff. So, I hope Brother Edwards will be calling soon.

Besides all that, about all I really accomplished was I got the other half of the bedroom flooring done. What's left is the ends next to the walls that will have to be cut lengthwise, and then putting up the baseboards. I didn't feel like doing that detailed measuring tonight, so I'll do it maybe tomorrow. I have exactly I mean EXACTLY the right number of boards to finish the room. If I mess up one piece, then I'll have to go buy some more. Actually there's a little bit left on the ends in the closet that I'm short; so I'm not sure how I'll finish that out. Maybe I can buy one board! lol

Guess that's the extent of this day. It's time now for dinner and a movie!


At 1/20/2006 10:29:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

Hope you had a good dinner and found a good movie to watch. Looks like you earned it!!!


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