Friday, January 27, 2006

Good news...

The lady from AllState called this morning, actually woke me up - but she had finished my claim on contents and was more than fair on my values - not exhorbitant, but very fair and it will be more than enough to get the camera with. Of course, now I'm wondering if there is wisdom in that choice, but I'll think about it some more until the check gets here. Nevertheless, it was good and unexpected news!

The rest of the day was occupied with working on the deposition. I have to say that I seem to feel better doing manual work than sitting here at the computer all day. It's been long enough that I've been away from it, I guess I'd forgot how tired it makes you. It's hard to stay focused, but it's how I've been making a living for 20 years; so I don't want to complain. Somehow I've got to make myself do some kind of activity. Drag out the Richard Simmons tape? lol

I've just about got a final plan for my booth envisioned that I'm going to tackle myself as soon as the work is done and I muster the courage to rise to the challenge. I just wish there would be somebody to ask questions if and when I get into a snag.

Things have certainly slowed down; so there's not too much to blog about tonight. There was a movie on a while ago with Marina Sertis and I believe it was Linda Park in it. Now, the only reason that's of any interest is because they were each in different Star Trek shows, Sertis in The Next Generation, and Linda Park was in Enterprise. The movie was pretty much a B ghost movie, but it was interesting to see them playing together in the same movie in different roles. Gosh, I miss Star Trek. Maybe someday they'll come up with a new series again. It was on the air for way too long to not be around anymore. It was good, clean entertainment, always seemed to have some sort of moral to the story, pretty much clear-cut good guys and bad guys. It was just good TV.

So, as per my routine, now I will fix my coffee pot, put it on the timer so it will be brewed in the morning when I wake up, and go curl up under my cozy electric blanket and watch something on TV till it lulls me to sleep.


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