Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Waiting with bated breath...

... for the State of the Union speech! I get these Yahoo Breaking News things and this one came through today -- (photo from '03)

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 1:52 PM PST
WASHINGTON (AP) President Bush, in his State of the Union, will say that "America is addicted to oil," and that the nation must use technology to break its dependence.

Oh, boy! Nobody mentioned that this was going to be a stand-up comic routine! Pulleease! Like experts have been trying to get this point across for how long now!!! Are we to pretend he means it?

Well, anyway -- I'll spare you my tyrade on the current administration and my opinion of the real state of the union.

I did not go get the materials for my booth today but I did draw it off somewhat to scale the best I could and made what I hope is a close to accurate list of what I'll need. I spent the rest of the day working. I might not worry about the Tuesday discount. I'm thinking it won't be more than maybe $10 or $15. But we'll see how the rest of the week goes. My curtains should be in in maybe a day or two, and I still have the other ratan chair and end table to paint, which I have to go buy the paint. So, it's not like I'll get bored in the meantime - not to mention blessed work!

I found out some interesting and sort of shocking news today, that just the other day Konica-Minolta is getting out of the camera business. Here's a news release about it. It seems that Sony will be taking over some of their technology. Minolta has been around forever. The other day I saw the cheapest price on the Dimage Z6 on the web was around $320 and today I found it for $298 at ClickforDigital, where I bought the Z2, which is still selling for over $300 some places; so it's curious. My insurance check hasn't come in yet, at least as of yesterday, since I never did go out and get my mail today - so, I'm happy about the reduced price. I'm just wondering if I stall a little longer it will continue to come down. Once I do get it, provided I do, I should try to sell the Dimage Z2. It's still in the box from being fixed, and the extended warranty is still in effect on it. I've never been very successful at selling things. So, it's just something else to think about.

Well, Olbermann is on -- so, I'm going to go see what he has to say, get my supper and get ready for the big show.


At 1/31/2006 08:00:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

I'm boycotting the big show myself but got the popcorn popping nonetheless!

At 5/18/2018 07:12:00 AM , Blogger Sam said...

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