Monday, January 30, 2006

Spray painting...

It looks easy, and it is easy enough, except I thought I was finished and now I see it needs a second coat. I sprayed one ratan chair and end table and used almost all of the three cans I bought. But the green color was a perfect choice; so I'll for sure do the other chair and table, too. I was going to post a picture of one painted and one not, but it was too dark and the flash really messed it up. So, you can see them when they're all done. This is almost making me ready for springtime and flowers, but a green thumb I sure don't have. Still, I need to get a few little plants to set out.

This morning I did some housework, laundry, stalling to start the paperwork, but I finally made myself pull up the ol' Quicken account and drag out the papers. It's still not completely finished, but I did make a good dent in it. Saved by the bell, the girl I work for called saying she was ready to trade out, so I put the papers away and left to go get them. So, now there's three more to do. Yea!

I'm debating with myself to wait till maybe next week to get the materials for the booth. It's going to take total concentration once I get started since I'll be learning as I go and having to be ever so careful and for now, it's probably more prudent to put work first and try to recoup some of this downtime - at least stay current for now. Besides, the materials calculations isn't complete. On the other hand, I did figure enough that would get me started, and if it's here, maybe that will be some incentive to make a stab at it. There's one thing about my birth sign, a Libra, the scales, that is soooo appropriate to my personality, and that is weighing out these huge decisions, pros, cons, should I, shouldn't I -- till it drives me crazy. Guess it will all depend on the mood I wake up in tomorrow! So, I'll leave you with that cliffhanger and say g'nite for now.


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