Thursday, February 02, 2006

Shopping woes...

With my quite varied shopping list in hand, I picked up mom thinking it would be a pretty straightforward shopping trip. But no, it was hard. Why can't just getting the things you need be simple. My list was so varied, like from a gallon of milk to make-up foundation to 2x4s and paint.

First stop was Sutherland's. We were able to find the 10' 2x4s and pick through them for the six I calculated I would need. Then I wanted five 10' 1x6s. Not so easy. They had them all right, but I need nice, smooth finish quality wood, not the framing kind that has knots and flaws. Well, I'll have to wait on that and go another time to Lowe's. Next I checked for the trim I need to finish the middle bedroom. I need two pieces and have been waiting for their shipment to come. Guess what - they didn't have the kind I needed! So, then over to the flooring section for that gorgeous high gloss mahogany that I'm going to use the boards on my booth. They didn't have them! Oh, No! Then I overheard another couple wanting them and the clerk had to go wherever and bring back a whole pallet of them. That took quite a while. In the meantime, there was an older couple there (ha! me talking about "older" - they were probably not much, if any, older than me) - anyway, they were apprehensive about getting laminated flooring, but admiring it and I perked up and told them I had put it down myself, was happy with it, and the man was quite interested. Then there was a younger couple also looking at it and they got in on the end of that conversation and then started asking me questions and she said maybe they should hire me to put it down! HA! Maybe so! Maybe I should get some business cards! Kidding! Kidding! Well, all I wanted of it was two boxes, but checking out, we find it wasn't bar coded! grrr. Finally they get a price and she charged me about $10 less per box than what I had priced it before! That's cool. But I still spent almost $80 in there. Scary! I sure hope I can do this!

Well, the 10 foot boards fit in my van, but they were laying on top of the backs of the seats and even up over the dash. Good thing I didn't have to go far. So, we brought them home, unloaded, which was no easy feat, and then off again.

Next stop was Taco Bell for lunch, then on to Hancock's Fabrics -- they had drapery liner, but I didn't want to pay that much for it so we decided to look at Anna's. No luck there. I was shopping for dark red (maroon) valances and either white panels or white sheets to make a lining with. Didn't have it. By now we're really tired and our legs are hurting and saying "Stop!" But we push on to Walmart -- good ol' trusty Walmart. They were out of my color of make-up - so I had to substitute that. Went to get the paint for the other wicker chair and almost thought they were out of that, too, but found three cans -- last three cans of that color and brand. They didn't have the valances, but they had some 64" tiers in the dark red - okay. I'll make them out of that. Then found flat white sheets for about $5. That will work!

Off to get the milk and eggs and cat food and that was uneventful, thank Goodness, but next to tackle is checkout. Of course it's a long line and the store is hot! Even the clerk was complaining. Mom had gone on ahead of me and she tried to call me on my cell to see where I was in the store and my phone didn't work but sent the incoming call went to some answering service that wasn't my usual voice mail. It was turned on, but didn't ring. So, when we got back to the car, we tested it again and it was screwed up. Exhausted and so wanting to get home, but we were right around the corner from Centennial Wireless and I had to see what was wrong with my phone. Ah -- something that went well - no line, and she reprogrammed whatever got messed up with ease.

So, tonight I've been messing with the curtains and listening to the news shows. Olbermann had a few segments about some of the stuff that was said in the State of the Union that I wish would make headlines, but that won't happen. I think he's the only news person who isn't intimidated to speak up and call it like it really is. Anyway, the red valances are a little darker than the red in the curtains, and at first I thought I'd take them back, but I decided to try one and I think it's okay. So, tomorrow I'll try to finish that project. The sheets should be fine for the liners, but I didn't get that far. It looks like it will be one sheet per window, and I only got two.

Well, that's my day - blow by blow! I could have just said, "I bought some of the supplies I needed" - but then you wouldn't have all the glorious details and besides, typing it all out is helping me unwind. Be all that as it may, it was a gorgeous day, and it was certainly nice to get out of the house.

I'm thinking about the lumber I bought and thinking I miscalculated something. I'm thinking I figured on a 1x6 where I really should use a 2x4. So, I'm going to have to be sooo careful. If I'm right about that miscalculation, that means I'll have to make adjustments accordingly of 3/4 inch. I have to get it right or the booth will rise above my window, and that won't be good. Oh, this is really going to be a challenge.

Now that I've got all that off my chest, I'm off to bed.


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