Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rubber stamp day..

You ever feel like your whole life is just a rubber stamp, day after day; or else the sensation that you're just pretty much hanging out there like this poor little guy? It's been one of those days. Guess that's not all bad -- because it's nothing earth shattering going on, but it's so redundant. Work, walk outside to water my little plants, let Tommy in, let Tommy out, watch the news with only half an ear or else get the screaming heeby-jeebies at either what they're reporting or the spin at which they report it. And eat -- eat, eat, eat. Definitely there's a direct correlation with boredom and food.

I'm still struggling with this job that is driving me nuts. I did get my bills paid this morning, though I still haven't brought my Quicken records up to date. I think one was due yesterday - that sucks. Probably slap me with a $40 late fee or something.

My neighbors moved today. The neighbor adjacent to me left a couple of months ago, and this one is next to them. Their double-wide is still there. I have no idea if they sold it or not. I tend to think not, but maybe. So, that's two potential new neighbors. Then there's the space that emptied out across the street that is in my immediate area. So, I hope all will turn out okay. Not that it really matters. I'm very much a loner and don't mix with neighbors - and luckily folks out here don't mix either. Everybody pretty much minds their own business and that makes it nice. Still it leaves you feeling a little unsettled till you know who will be moving in.
Oh, well, keep smilin' and it will all be okay.


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