Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It's a pretty neat set up. John put it on my laptop, and now I can do a couple of clicks and I have Win 98 at hand, can minimize it and still have XP right there. Very cool. The problem I have now -- of course to think this would come off without a hitch was folly -- is the USB to parallel adapter is the wrong kind. So, I still can't use my work software on here. There's a device, called a key, that opens the software, and it plugs into a parallel port, which the laptop doesn't have. And the software won't run on XP; so I have to have pre-XP operating system for it. If I can't get it to work, it will be okay, but it would sure be nice. Reality is I should upgrade to a newer version, but this version is serving the purpose, and it's very expensive!

Visiting with John and Sheridan has been great. I missed all the news shows, but that's okay. We've had delivery pizza and Dr. Pepper and ice cream. Right now I'm watching "Kim Possible" with Sheridan. There's all sorts of shows she watches that I've never seen. I'm sure out of the loop, I'm afraid.


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