Saturday, March 04, 2006


How do you like the quaint, eye-catching, filled with suspense titles I come up with! ha!
Well, dear diary:
Today my yard man came. The grass was actually looking a little ragged from such a mild winter. When I went out to greet him (and pay him) I noticed my azaleas were quite wilted and I had just watered them I think yesterday. So, since I hadn't put them in the ground, I thought that maybe that would be prudent. Sure enough, they were getting somewhat root bound. But I was smart to start the project while he was around, and he, like a gentleman, helped me!

I took him around back and discussed with him my flowerbed idea; and asked how much he would charge. It will be a couple feet wide and about 20 feet long. The dirt has to be dug out and spread around the yard because it's so rock hard, and then bags of dirt to fill it up. We figured about $100 with dirt and labor. So, unless I decide to do it myself, I'll have him do it maybe end of next week. There's also some banana trees in the empty lot that he said he would move for me since they'll probably just get mowed down anyway. Let's hope my zennias and sweet peas and all my little seeds will flourish! They're getting a new home!

Since there's no news on tonight -- weekends are horrible for news junkies -- I'm going to watch a movie. AMC channel is airing Civil Action (1998), John Travolta and Robert Duvall. Actually it's just getting started now; so, I'm going to cut this short since there's nothing much going on and curl up and watch it, even though I saw it a few years ago. Have a great evening.


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