Thursday, March 02, 2006

Laying low...

Finished up one job this morning with plans of going to run errands, pick up my microwave from Conn's repair shop, and some other stuff, and decided I just wasn't in the mood. I do have another job to do, but I'm ahead and could afford to let it sit there for today.

My quilts came for my couches finally. I had gone to the front door to see about Tommy, and there was the large box with Tommy lying down on top of it - protecting it no doubt. But they're great. The colors brighten up the room; and even though they weren't paired up with the curtains to be sold together, they work very well together. So, that was a little bright spot.

I more or less just puttered around, went through that stack of mail I picked up the other day, paid a couple of bills on the web. Posting isn't done, but everything is paid up at least and the stack is gone. Of course, now there's another collection of mail waiting for me and then round and round we go. Never ending. They don't have to worry about global warming destroying the planet. All these papers will weight our precious Planet Earth off balance and right out of orbit.

Even the politics aren't getting me too excited today - though I have to say, a trade of sensitive nuclear technology for Indian mangos is -- well, I can't even get mad about because it's so ridiculous. I mean, how much worse can things get. When you think things are about as low as they can get, then this -- it's just plain unbelievable. Nobody could make this stuff up for a novel! Watch the segment from Lou Dobbs' here -- it's short.

The other day I posted a link to Olbermann Watch and didn't read past the day in question so I didn't have a handle on what the page is. Evidently he's no friend of Keith; somebody who is -- well, not an Olbermann fan. I almost posted on his blog to ask him why he doesn't just watch Fox and spare himself all the aggravation. But he has plenty of people telling him he's full of it. So, I passed on the opportunity.

As far as my opinions of Keith Olbermann, I know he's trying. I really think they might have "tempered" him some on his politics, but at least he's making an effort to expose things, my guess is within the limitations he's having to work under. So, I'm grateful for whatever he can do and support him wholeheartedly.

Also today - as a rarity, I cooked -- nothing real healthy or anything, but I was hungry for plain ol' rice and gravy; so I cooked some meatballs with gravy (that's good diet food, huh?) It turned out pretty good, but I will admit, I've lost my touch on making a good rich, brown gravy. There was a time I had it down to a science, but it's been too long. Still, it was waaay better than the instant gravy and it satisfied my little craving.

Guess that's it for today. If I have any sense, I'll go to bed early. The insomnia has been pretty bad and I just haven't been resting.

By the way -- I tried setting my display at the 1024x768 and set the font size at large (120 dpi). And ever since then the screen refresh has been way slow. If it's coming out of screen saver, or I've noticed even typing this, the cursor will become still, and if I keep typing, the letters are going to memory, not on the screen, and when whatever catches up, it will then lay out the letters I had typed. Weird. It will be nice when I get my laptop and get all moved in. I think once I'm sure everything I want is either duplicated or backed up, I might have to do a hard drive recovery on this machine. Gosh, how I hate doing those. For now I guess I'll have to put it back to 800x600 and normal size fonts and see if that will get it to performing like it's supposed to again.


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