Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dubai Ports World coming to Beaumont

There's an article in the Beaumont Enterprise, Firm that Arab Company intends to buy does stevedoring here -- and also a clip on local TV, KFDM tonight about Longshoreman react to deal with Dubai. So, what this means is it's not just the critical six ports that will be affected. It will be every port in our nation. As I said before, Beaumont Port gets a lot of military traffic and the Dubai company will be in charge of it once it's on the ground! Wonderful! But now Rove is advising to let it chill a little bit and then push it on through. It will surprise me if this does gets stopped. Somehow Bush and his boys get everything they want, and never have to pay consequences for anything. This probably won't be any different.

After Olbermann, just for the fun of it, I switched over to Fox (Faux, as they call it) and there was Hannity giving an extremely softball Exclusive interview to Gonzales. I find it so amusing that Fox News gets all these Exclusive interviews. Kinda turns the stomach, doesn't it.

My day was spent - besides monitoring the news channels - trying to muster the self-discipline to do my job. I've about decided maybe I have an the affliction of ADD. I'd work a few minutes, stop, get on the web and look up stuff or read and/or send an email, work another few minutes, get up and go get food, work a few more minutes, decided I needed to backup my address book and then had to figure out how to transfer it to MSN or Yahoo Mail so it would be online somewhere -- never did get that to work. Error message said the file wasn't created correctly. Well, there's nothing I can do about that. It's created by Outlook Express, and there are no options. Anyway, then back to do a few more pages. I wonder if this is what they call "burn out." I can't get burned out. I'm not old enough for Social Security yet! That is if it will be any SS left by the time I get there!

I want to comment on the impending civil war in Iraq, on Guantanamo -- but there's so much going on, you can't hardly absorb one that there's not another majorly critical issue to deal with. Nobody can ever get this whole mess straightened out.

Somehow I've got to get myself psyched out to go through a self-improvement regiment. I need exercise. I'm eating like a baby -- every two hours! -- and I've come to the realization, if I was trying to deliberately destroy my body with abuse, I'm doing a darn good job of it. Well, I don't smoke anymore (quit in 2000), don't drink or take any kind of drugs, even Rx drugs - don't drink as much coffee as I used to, but I get no vegetables, no fruit, eating way too many starches and fast foods, drink milk nearly by the gallon - no exercise at all, not that I can do that much anyway. Maybe by putting this on my blog it will shame me into getting a grip and taking charge of this disgusting lack of self-control.

I also heard on the news that - was it insurance companies or Medicare? -- somebody -- is going to start paying for these stomach stapling procedures because they think it's cheaper than the consequences of 65% of the population being overweight. There's another soapbox to get on!! That's right, Government! Let's pay all that money to deform people's stomachs for them to have potenially serious, and even deadly consequences -- let's not try to see if all these chemicals and steriods and antibiotics and cloned animals might have anything to do with the "growth" of the population.

Well, I can't solve that problem tonight. I still have about 1/4 of my job that I'd like to finish before I go to bed. Guess I better get after it.


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