Monday, February 20, 2006

Almost forgot...

Gee, what a catastrophe that would be! How could I forget my blog.

Well, folks, nothing going on, so I'll see you tomorrow --

Well, nothing much anyway. Ran some errands today and this evening a job came in and another one will be coming tomorrow. That's always good news. Didn't do much else other than do some housecleaning on my hard drive, deleting files and uninstalling some things. There's some files and folders I tried to delete that would say something was using it and to quit using whatever was using it and then delete it. Well, nothing would be using it. When the computer tries to be so bloomin' helpful and not let me delete something it wants to keep, I wish it would also tell me WHAT is using it! But that's left to a guessing game. Maybe after a restart I can delete. I even tried manually deleting from the command prompt and couldn't. Strange! What happened to the good ol' DOS days when delete meant just that -- delete, gone. You ever look through your Windows Explorer at the directory? Sure wonder where some of that stuff comes from.

It appears my videos are now all working properly - maybe a little sound distortion in one of them. There's even a new Photoshop TV episode up on their website. They allow you to put a notice on My.Yahoo page and to notify you when they have a new episode up. That's handy. Probably I should have watched one or two of those tonight instead of this disk clean-up; but things were getting pretty disorganized. Wonder why I don't mind doing that but I hate doing required paperwork.

Looks like I didn't get started on my booth this long weekend after all. What do you want to bet it will wait for me till I'm ready to tackle it.

Well, g'nite for now, dear Diary --er -- dear Blog.


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