Saturday, February 11, 2006

Laziness can be habit-forming...

All my greatest intentions today to do some housecleaning and other menial tasks that need to be done ended in a total consumption of laziness. I did the minimum - made the bed, fixed lunch and washed dishes - washed and folded a load of clothes -- then sat at the computer and browsed on the Internet, played some games of Free Cell or some Hoyle Board Games -- like Parchisi and Yahtzee and Backgammon.

I queried for digital cameras and saw the Dimage A200 and got quite interested in it, but it cost quite a bit more than the Z6, and then when I read one of the reviews, it kind of tempered my enthusiasm over it. My mind is obsessed on getting a new camera, which is stupid because I don't even get out and take pictures with the one I have. Now, figure out the logic in that! With work being as non-existent as it's been, I may have to use that money that's burning a hole in my pocket to pay for mundane things like my RoadRunner bill!

The Olympics have started and usually I enjoy watching them, but somehow the interest has waned to nada; so I didn't even turn them on. I've had the TV on Law and Order reruns and not even been paying much attention to them, only halfway listening.

I am thinking about my booth and the materials I bought. I have to check to see if I have the right kind of nails before I start and be sure my blade is good in my skill saw. In fact, I have to remember how to change the height of the blade and all that. I've only used it once or twice, and I tend to forget if I don't do it often enough. Anyway, I've about decided I'll have to tear out the bar first. I had first thought I would build it and then tear out the bar, but looking at it, I'm thinking that perhaps the material they used in constructing the frame of the bar will work as the frame for the surrounding half-walls for the booth. So, this is really going to take some guts to start ripping. That will be the point of no return, for sure! But I'm getting myself psyched for it. I'd like to have my booth finished before I go forward with my whole kitchen project -- which is another thing that I'm wondering if I'm wise in doing until work picks back up.

This whole work situation has my brain in some kind of limbo - and I really don't like this uncertainty. When I find myself in these distressing situations, I tend to think how it could be worse and think about those who have more problems than I do in an attempt to minimize my own problems. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it only adds to my stress because on top of feeling stressed and worried, I'll put myself through a guilt trip for feeling stressed when I know good well that it could be worse. Well, God has taken care of me this long. He won't let me down now!


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