Monday, February 06, 2006

A Pathetic Plea for Help

The black and white vagabond who was hanging around my house day before yesterday and I thought was gone yesterday was back today. He even tried to come in the house.

I keep thinking that if one of my four were lost, I would sure hope somebody would show mercy on them and kindness. I don't want a new cat. I have four! But how do you refuse this! Maybe I can just at least feed him and certainly not claim him. There's sure enough food that mine don't eat that just gets thrown out.

Earlier this morning I called Allstate. The check I was supposed to get for my contents has never come, so I decided I should follow up. It seems she mailed it last Tuesday or Wednesday, but she didn't put the "South" on my street nor my space number. So, I bet it goes back. Now I'll have to wait till the end of the week, call her back again, and then she'll issue another check. I tried to call the Post Office. What a joke! First there's all that automated, voice response maze you have to go through, and then when I finally get a human being and I begin explaining, she says, "How do you spell 'Beaumont'?" Where the heck is she??? And then I get through that - and resume my dilemma and she says, "Wait, ma'am. I hate to interrupt you but what state?"!!!!! Dear lord! I had given her the ZIP code! You can't call your local post office anymore. I remember a time when you could call the actual building, talk to a real person, even your own carrier if they were there, and deal with this simple little problem one on one. Times sure don't always improve for the better, do they!


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