Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a miscellaneous kinda day.

Happily surprised, my check from Allstate came today, even with the incomplete address. Thanks you, Postman, for being diligent! I took it to the bank, and circled through McDonald's for the delux breakfast.
"We don't have hash browns. Will french fries be okay?"
"Yeah, that's fine."
Drive up, pay, next window to get my breakfast. "We're out of sausage. Will bacon be okay?"
She starts to say something to me and I interject, "Are you out of eggs, too?"
The girl behind her laughed, but she just looked like me with blank look, "We have eggs."
When I went to eat this yummy breakfast, the eggs looked really strange. And one bite told me I'd be well advised to not eat them! But the bacon was good and the pancakes were okay. lol One day when I go through a fast food I'm going to say, "Just give me what you want me to have."

Before I came back from McDonald's I decided to go to Shell's Nursery on 11th Street. I wanted some azaleas for this spring and when I was out the other day I didn't see any. So, mainly I was going to inquire when to put them out. Turns out now is right. They had three really nice bushes right in front and they were the fuscia color I wanted. So, happy I had my check, I bought the three of them. She said they'll grow for a long time in the containers, and that she had just fed them; so I'll leave them in the containers for a while. I don't trust the soil that's in the spot where I put them. Also, she told me that English ivy will take over the back fence prolifically and is hardy and green all year. So, that's what I'll do. They didn't have any today, but I'll check back. Ivy all over the fence and the barbed wire - good idea!

Once I unloaded my plants, it was time to microwave breakfast. Shoot, the microwave didn't have power. That's twice it's done that. So, I called Conn's and it has a year warranty. As soon as I got off the phone, the power was on it again. So, I'll take it in when it does it again -- which, as it turned out, happened tonight; so I'll have to take it tomorrow. Must be a short or something.

I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet looking for the best deal for the Dimage Z6 and the 3-year warranty. There's as big a price spread on the warranty as the camera; so, I was trying to find the best overall deal. Finally I decided on one, called instead of placing an order online, and he told me I had to use the high speed memory cards. I have a lot of memory space and was planning on using what I had, not having to buy new of those, too. So, I backed off and didn't do it. Later I called Wolf Camera in Houston and asked about that, and they said no, that you can use the regular SD memory cards in it. That guy was wrong! Wolf Camera is selling it for $399.99 and the place I called today is $295. One place was even $245, but you had to buy a warranty for $125 or else they gave you a refurbish. That guy was extremely rude! I'm thinking about if I want to do it or not.

Then I finished my last curtain. So, that project is finished. They look okay, certainly better than what I had. Being hung the full height of the wall seems to heighten the ceiling. So, I won't put the valance. They don't add anything to them and I'm satisfied enough without them.

I called my girl this morning to see if we had any work and she was on her way to take a job and would be coming by to trade out with me after lunch. Unfortunately the job cancelled and will have to be rescheduled. So, no work today. She didn't even come by to get the one I have here for her. This is really depressing!

I guess the azaleas gave me inspiration to get out and clean out the front bed. I don't know what I will replant there yet, if anything. Any suggestions? But what was there needed to be all pulled out, which I did this evening and finished up after dark. Here's a before and after.

The before was taken when I first got back from evacuation. My pile of cut banana trees, and now added to them what I cleaned out of my flower bed, is quite large. I really, really hope the park will pick that all up! I don't know. Time will tell. At least nobody can say I'm not trying.


While writing this I've heard I don't know how many times on every news show how horrible Britney Spears was for driving with her baby on her lap. They act like she left the child in a hot car all alone or something. When I was a kid - well, I don't remember at 4 months old, but I do remember sitting on Daddy's lap and steering the car. I remember letting my boys do the same thing. John would sit in his car seat right next to me and shift a standard transmission before he was 3 years old! We all would lay on the shelf over the back seat at the back windshield while riding down the road. Granted, looking back, it was dangerous a little bit, but we all survived! I suppose "they" mean well, but I wish they would keep things in perspective.


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