Wednesday, February 08, 2006

day of rest..

... more or less. This morning I took the microwave in to Conn's. It would be nice if they had somebody around to help people carry in heavy things, but they don't. There was a lady ahead of me struggling with a TV. Anyway, I got it in, asked when I'd get it back - "This afternoon? tomorrow?" "Next week." What! Geez! He said they're still playing catch-up after Hurricane Rita.

Mom and I ate lunch at Jason's Deli and I came back home and crashed. I couldn't go to sleep, but I was just plain tired, zero level energy. Later I made an afternoon pot of coffee and took a cup out on the porch. My digital camera had broke in October just as I was coming back from evacuation, sent it off to the Mack Warranty folks, got it back a long time ago, and never took it out of the box to see if it was even repaired right. So, that's what I did, took it out on the porch, put the memory card and batteries in it and -- oh, dear, I can't believe how much I forgot how to do! Obviously cameras aren't like riding a bike.

I did get a job in today. My girl had to go to Houston to take a depo and brought it by this afternoon. It's not a very big one and I've got all weekend to do it. We discussed the job situation, and she says the whole industry is nervous, that even some of the lawyers are edgy over the lack of stuff going on. Apparently a lot of it has to do with the crackdown on the asbestos litigation. We had heard back last summer that the Bush Administration was trying to eliminate those cases. I mean, why should a person whose health was deliberately compromised for dollar profits be compensated at all! So, it looks like the final nail in that coffin has been driven - though I'm not sure exactly how to research to find out what has actually happened. Still, that was good hunk of our work, and with it gone, it's enough to get our attention.

Well, anyway -- here's one more pansy I took today. Maybe soon I can get out and start trying to brush up on my photography hobby a little bit.


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