Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hoping for zennias...

I planted my zinnia seeds - all three packets. I sure hope they grow! If they do, maybe I'll try some other seed planting. It will be fun to watch the tiny seeds grow. Next trip out I'll get a big bag of potting soil to play with. Besides, who knows, if they live -- they can provide me with some photographic opportunities.

Otherwise, it was an absolutely a boring day. I worked on the job of transcribing the tapes, and as we feared, the tape quality was pathetic, and it's way too time consuming to be very lucritive - to say the least. But it's work, and I'm always thankful for whatever there is. Still, computer work sure makes me tired -- well, unless I'm playing around with PhotoShop and I can stay with it for hours. But I wasn't playing; so, I was falling asleep in my chair, and tonight through the news shows I kept dozing off. It looks like tonight will be an early-to-bed night - well, early for me anyway. There's a little left of the job that I'll finish up in the morning. But for now, it's time bedtime.


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