Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another day on the computer

For starters, my friend got me lined out on the videos, and I'll be able to view them on Quick Time now. So, that's good. He's got a thing where he can access his files from any computer elsewhere and sent me the link, which allowed me right onto his computer. It's pretty interesting. Personally, I don't see where I would have a need for it myself -- but like if I was at John's in Houston and needed to get to some file I had on my computer, as long as I had left it on and the Road Runner running, I could get right to it! Of course, so could anybody else who could hack a little bit, but still, it's fascinating. Here I am in Texas and accessing and downloading directly off a computer up in Hinton, Canada, chatting back and forth -- could have even used a web cam if I had one -- but I still can be amazed at all the things that we have access to now on the web that we completely take for granted. What a world it has opened up to us.

I really got a good workout on multitasking because I was trying to do my paperwork, and would start a download -- he had some video things he had put together of his cat and dog playing. He would take them and put them together somehow. And I was trying to recreate it, transferring it in pieces rather than all at once because it was too big. Anyway, I'd be downloading and he'd send an instant message, "Look at this," with a link for me to follow, and I don't even know how many different windows I would have up at one time. It's old hat for the young people, but I was a little proud I almost kept up -- only once I think I had to tell him to slow down so I could catch up. Of course, I best not get too cocky because the project I was trying to download doesn't work. So, I obviously have done something wrong. I tried troubleshoot it, and I'm stumped.

In the midst of all that, I also cleaned up my external drive that I use as an automatic backup. Somehow I didn't have it configured right, and things were backing up in two different directories and hadn't backed anything up at all since January. Um -- wonder what happened. Well, I deleted it all, made a fresh backup of everything -- I hope I didn't forget anything -- and set up new backup schedules. Now I just pray nothing happens to my external drive!
Gosh -- I'm snake bit -- as I was just saying that, the Iomega was doing it's backup chore and I got a message that it encountered a problem and would have to close! Shoot!!!

Well, it's too late to try to figure it out now. I'm brain-dead. I'll back up manually till -- and if -- I can figure it out.


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