Thursday, February 16, 2006

Seeds and plants... where's spring

After I finished up my job I decided to go over to M&D and mosey through their garden center. It's still too early for spring plants. They're supply was limited - to say the least. So, I drove across the street to Sutherland's to see what they had. I was looking for some of those bedding plant trays to start these seeds in. But they're not easy to find without buying a whole tray of something and then reusing them. What do people use when they start their plants from seeds?

Anyway, surprisingly, they did have a tray of English ivy! They're maybe 4 inches high; so I'll let them get bigger before I put them in the ground next to the fence so my yard man won't weed-eat them down. I miscounted and thought I was getting 12, but it turned out I bought 13 -- lol -- the baker's dozen. Hope it won't be bad luck. Anyway, they were on sale for 99 cents. So, that was a sign of good luck.

Their plants didn't look great either, and I wasn't really in the market for plants in general as much as seeds and dirt - and the ivy was a bonus. The lady told me their seeds were marked down to 10 cents! Gosh! I paid over a dollar for my zinnia seeds. So, I looked through them and bought some petunias, asters -- well, you can see which kinds I bought in the picture that I scanned and Photoshopped a little bit. I'm not familiar with the Cleome, says they grow to 3-5 feet. Well, okay. I'm game to try them. Along with these, I also got a bigger package of sweetpeas, but those weren't on sale, and then picked up two small bags of soil, but I'm sure won't be enough. That was stupid on my part not to get more potting soil.
Depending on how big the job TC took this afternoon, which I'll get sometime tomorrow to do over the weekend - unless it cancelled! -- I'll plant these - at least some of them. There's some flags (Irises I think) against the fence and pretty much under the banana trees that have never done very well, so I'm going to dig them up - they're bulbs -- and find a better place for them. Maybe they'll thrive better than they have if they're in some decent soil and get more sunlight. Maybe I better find out first if they're supposed to be in sun or shade first. I know nothing about plants.

Yesterday I got an email from fotopic, which is where I have my on-line photo albums, advising me that I had three accounts and according to their Terms and Conditions, I was only allowed one and they were suspending them all. I had 30 days to get them in compliance or else they will be deleted forever! Oops! I never read those Terms and Conditions! So, I profusely apologized and asked what they wanted me to do. The solution was to combine them to one and delete the two extras; only my photos exceeded their limit of 250 mg that they give you free. Also, I didn't want to lose the url for them because what few people look at them would never find them again, even if I did send out a "change of address." So, to resolve those little issues I had to upgrade to the Plus, which cost 5 pounds (they're based out of England) - and to buy an extra 250 mg of space for another 5 pounds. So, I willingly upgraded to Plus and bought the extra space and merged my galleries and deleted my two extra ones I wasn't supposed to have. All that was yesterday.

The guy had been very prompt in writing me back telling me how to fix everything, assuring me he would reintate my gallery one I was in compliance, but now I'm not hearing from them and my account is still in suspended status. So, that's irritating! I wrote twice, saying basically "Where are you?" And so tonight instead of sending a third email directly to Jon, who was the one dealing with my case, I sent it to their Help Desk in case Jon is out or sick or something. They have a huge site, so I doubt they're trying to rip me off of a few dollars, but still, it's aggravating that my galleries are in limbo. I don't know how it's going to look merged or if the url's will be the same. So, I'm anxious to check it out and get it straightened out if I need to. The links to my galleries are on the side of my blog -- if and when they are working again. Maybe tomorrow.

Edited Feb 17, 8:25 a.m. - Indeed, when I woke and checked my mail, they have reinstated my photo albums. Thankfullly, all are just as I left them, and all the url's are working just like they always did. That's a relief. No more worry about this little problem.


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