Wednesday, February 22, 2006

36 Years Ago Today...

Happy Birthday, John!

... I gave birth to my first born. What a party the family had. They were making lists of their guesses, girl, boy, weigh how much, what time born. My doctor had to induce me because of toxic edemia, so I was locked up in the labor room for two days. Anyway, that precious little baby grew to a fine young man who has always made me so proud. I've been blessed with two wonderful sons, who in turn now have their own precious baby girls. It's too bad, even sad, that they live too far from here to be in my life every day, but they're sure in my heart every minute. Happy Birthday, John! Wish I could have taken you out for a nice Birthday Dinner.

Enough of that. Back to politics! Did anyone watch Lou Dobbs tonight? Well, he was reporting how many ties the big shots at U.A.E. have with the Carlyle Group. Ha! Didn't we all know that! Remember how Michael Moore would try to expose all that cozy relationship, and everybody ridiculed Moore like he was a moron, an idiot, and a lying idiot at that! "What difference did that make," they'd whail! "Who cares! So what!" I hope he's getting a good chuckle out of all this now. I found a transcript of the show on Dobbs' webpage. Just go to "File" and "Search" and type in "Carlyle" and it will jump down the page to that segment of his show.

The job I expected to come in today wound up canceling. It seems incompetence is in all walks of life. The last few jobs that have canceled have been because notices weren't sent to all the proper parties. So, they'd have to reschedule. It's a real pain and can be costly, too. But thankfully today she took two jobs and has two on the books tomorrow.

I played with the Photoshop lessons today, tried to do the exercises. Tapes 1 and 2. Sometimes they would go pretty fast or assume you know something, that I might not; so I had to rewind a lot. The main thing is just getting familiar with a lot of this. I taught myself most of the basic editing tools and learned a little about layers, can do some things, but I'm anxious to learn more of the core of the program. Time will be the biggest problem.

By the way, report on my zinnias I planted on the 14th -- there's tiny little leaves poking through the soil. Not all the cells yet, but there were a few more this afternoon than this morning. So - so far so good, I guess. Maybe I'll have to enlarge that flower bed before long!


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