Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday's musings...

Everything was pretty much status quo till this evening. Spent the day hanging on the keyboard, working on a job with my usual Internet breaks, monitoring the news. I received a Yahoo Breaking News this morning saying that Dennis Weaver died -- and I didn't hear it one time -- not once all day on any channel - granted I didn't listen to every word, but I don't think anybody even mentioned it until tonight and then Olbermann did give a little notice to him, but he was more interested in Darrin McGavin. Well, these things generally come in 3's, so I hope that's the end of hearing about these legends dying off for a while.
Lou Dobbs seems to be getting more and more worked up over this port situation - and most assuredly rightfully so! Thank God somebody with some clout on the airwaves will speak up! But he said tonight that the Dubai officials are still trying to shut him up. He said they've cut CNN off from any interviews or all kinds of access to news coverages involving them until they get Dobbs to give it up. Wow! I really hope he is watching his back!

They're saying now that the sale will go forward on March 2nd, Thursday. Then they'll have the 45 day investigation. Makes you just shake your head at the people who think that might be a good idea. But think about this for a minute now -- these people will have control over more ports than those six, and they're trying to heavy hand, darn near blackmail, if you will, a news agency over a reporter for speaking out, which we value that right more than almost anything - our freedom of speech -- and that's the mentality of the company who's going to have all this control in our country - and embraced by this Administration! What's wrong with this picture! The real scary thing of all this is that even though people are beginning to see through some of this stuff, there's nothing that can be done to stop it. There's too much power with no checks and balances. Well, I'll stop here with my rant. Like I say, it doesn't do any good anyway.

TC called saying she was coming in tonight with a job she wants to try to get out in expedite fashion. So, I'll be putting the one I've been working on aside to do this one. It's short and she said easy, so I'll do it in the morning.

Conn's called today and told me my microwave is ready -- finally. It's been hard getting along without it. So, maybe I can steal a little time tomorrow and go pick it up. I also got am email notice the other day that my quilts I had ordered from Domestications for sofa covers was finally being sent. They had been on back order, but I'm still waiting on them. Gosh, I've even forgot what they looked like. If they don't come tomorrow, I'll have to remember to do a tracking on them. Main thing I want to hurry to get here is my laptop!! But I'll need the time to play with it, for sure!

That reminds me, I never finished the baseboards in the middle bedroom I refloored. I had ran out and Sutherland's had been sold out. But one day when I was there I did get what I needed, put the pieces in the room, shut the door, and they've been completely out of mind. Another loose end to finish up. I'm glad work is picking up, but quite frankly, it makes me feel bad physically. Sitting here I get so tired and listless. But it's the only way I have of making a living, so I don't want to complain! I'm very thankful for it.

Anybody like Garfield? I LOVE GARFIELD!! I got this one today in the mail -- I need to print it and frame it and hang it on the wall!


At 3/02/2006 09:59:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

Too funny...I was feeling like that on Monday & Tuesday!


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