Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday daily log

I'm going to have to scoot the time set back on this since it's after midnight while I'm writing this, and it would register Monday. I'm not usually so late doing my blogging.

I watched the Academy Awards. They were pretty good, nothing special or spectacular. Didn't see any outrageous clothes or anything. The "gay cowboys" montage was kind of funny, though some of those dead actors probably rolled over over that one. And I liked George Clooney's acceptance speech talking about how Hollywood has been "out there" on issues that eventually the rest of the world caught up with. I haven't seen even one of these movies, but now that I've watched this, I'd like to see the major ones. I thought Jon Stewart did a fine job hosting it. And Dolly Pardon was great. She looked terrific. Her outfit was so flattering to her; and I hadn't heard her song, Traveling Thru, but I liked it a lot and wished it would have won. I suppose it was a bit to "Christian" to win. Did you notice that - a song about a pimp won over a song about faith. But Hustle and Flow sure were estatic; so it's hard to begrudge them their win.

Earlier today I did get out of the house for a while. Mom and I went to eat and did a little shopping. I bought the soil for my flower bed - twelve 40-lb bags of topsoil and four 40-lb bags of sand. It was "dirt cheap" -- 98 cents a bag for the topsoil. Also, I decided to get some bulbs - a package of tiger lilly bulbs - 3 bulbs (my absolute favorite flower), and a package of red amarillis - only one bulb for $3. But they're so gorgeous. Since I have no idea if they'll grow or if I'll kill 'em, I decided that would be enough to see how they do.

I drove the van around back, and bless Mamma's heart, she helped me unload them. Some of the bags had taken on water at some point and were quite heavier than some others and it took both of to lift them. But we managed to get it all unloaded and stacked.

After I took her back home, when I got back I decided to see how hard the soil was, if I could dig it myself; and it wasn't bad at all. So, I got a good start - about 7 feet long and 30 inches wide - before it got too dark and I got too tired. Besides it was then time for the Awards to start.

I'm not sure how long I'll make it. My original overall plan would have been about 40 feet; but I might stop at 20 and then add to it if I need to. I'm thinking the 30 inches width should be enough since the section between the fence and the patio is so narrow. I doubt I'll need my yard man's help to do this. In fact, the soil that I've dug out so far doesn't seem so bad that I can't mix it with some of what I bought rather than moving it away.

These pictures were taken in the dark with only the flash; but here's the progress on my seeds and the beginning "construction" of their new home. The petunas aren't coming up or the cleome or most of the green zennias -- but the rest seem to be doing okay. They're so tiny. The ones is the back that are a little bigger is the English ivy. Those didn't start from seed. As you can see, something has to be done for the "view"; thus my thinking about the black netting fabric. I don't know yet. Whatever it is, it has to be cheap and easy.

Well, it's late, and I'm tired. Since I don't have a job to work on at present (sigh), I think I'll get started on income taxes. When I get cross-eyed with numbers, then maybe I'll work on my flower bed.


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