Saturday, March 11, 2006

Laptop saga continues..

It's not all bad today, though. I called Road Runner first thing this morning, barely before a decent cup of coffee. The man had me go through plugging in and telling him about lights, etc, and he said it was not Road Runner but the router and gave me a phone number for Linksys. So, I called them, and she had me do a couple of pretty much easy stuff -- pings among a couple other things -- and -- wa-la! -- I was online! I was so happy!!

So, the rest of the day I have been installing programs and getting different things set up. I'm just about through now except for hooking up my external drive to get all my data files and a few programs that I have stored as .exe files or .zip files - different free programs I've downloaded that are useful for different things. I'm not putting everything on the laptop that I have on the desktop, but especially my photo editing programs, Quicken, Family Tree Maker, Word, my camera drivers. I have a cable to hook up my cell phone to the computer to download pictures, but I can't find the stupid CD for it. It's nowhere. I keep losing those blasted things somehow. I did find some software for it on the web, same thing, but no driver - or else I forgot how to do it. It's a real cheesy program at the best of it.

I'm getting accustomed I think to the smaller print on the monitor, but I do have the settings at large fonts, which helps some. But I really like this wide screen. I didn't think I would, but it's really nice. The bright screen isn't going to be a problem, I don't think, but you do have to position yourself just so or the colors will get too dark, especially if you're looking at a picture.

It's hard to explain how I've been at this all day, but I pretty much have. I've visited some with my friend up in Canada on the MSN messenger and he's helped me out some, too. Of course, I've had to download things like the messengers and winzip and updates and all that. Lord only knows what I've forgotten.

Well, one thing I forgot was my poor azaleas. I went out tonight and looked at them and oh, my, I darn near killed them! They were pathetically wilted. Made me feel terrible! So, I gave them a good healthy watering; and they're snapping back. My housework has certainly waited on me, and the flower bed is turning into a life-long project. Oh, well, it will all get done when it gets done.

Maybe if I can endure a little later tonight, I'll get the external drive hooked up and then I'll be about through moving in.


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