Monday, March 06, 2006

Woe is me - laptop on back order...

My expected delivery date was set for the 7th -- tomorrow. So, I called Gateway to see if it's on schedule and the recording said it was being processed and would be delivered on the 7th. HA! Well, no, it won't be here overnight if it's still being processed. First I checked with my MasterCard to see if it has been charged - no, it hasn't (their web page isn't working today; so another phone call for that.) Then I called Gateway back to get hold of a person; and sure enough, it's back ordered, something about the configuration, and now the target date is the 16th. I told her I wanted to just cancel it and go to Best Buy or somewhere and buy one. She offered me an extra year service policy if I'll stick it out. So, I reluctantly said okay, with the understanding if I change my mind, I can cancel.

So, I checked the Sunday paper fliers for Circuit City, and Office Depot, called ECP and Best Buy. Best Buy had to call me back, and a cell phone person called back. "No, not a cell phone - a laptop." lol Anyway, bottom line, none of them have pre-packaged laptops at a comparable price with the same components as I have spec'd out. So, bad as I hate to do, I'll wait. But it irritated me that it was on back order and they didn't bother to let me know that. She assured me she would keep daily contact with me via email as to the status; so, okay. Needless to say, I'm disappointed but at least satisfied I am getting good value for my money.

Also, I called Parigi's today to find out if that back fence is mine or belongs to the company behind me. It's the company's. But she did say they do have plans of putting up a privacy, as I had heard, but she doesn't know when. I explained to her about the dumpsters that have been added back there and all the other junk. I even mentioned the junky storage shed and pile of junk behind it on the now empty space beside me. So, I don't know if she'll turn in a complaint on that or not. But we agreed I better not put anything on the fence without at least asking the company first. So, I'll proceed with my flowers and maybe use those little trellises for the sweet peas; but I won't hang the netting on it or plant the English ivy on it.

Other than these frustrating phone calls, I did do all my Quicken posting and downloaded TaxAct to begin those nasty taxes, got my name and address filled in. It looks like I'll have plenty of time to work on it because TC is going on vacation all next week and will be cautious of not taking jobs this week that will need a quick turnaround for fear she won't have it out before she leaves. So, here I sit...

Well, Lou Dobbs is already on, so guess I'll watch him and see if there's any good news in the political arena! I won't hold my breath for that.


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