Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Laptop update

Change of plan -- since I will be seeing John next week and he is going to put Virtualization on my laptop, I need it before I see him. So, I called Gateway to see if we could expedite by a couple of days, and she told me it's coming from China. The problem they were having was, quote, "Held for ODM Configuration Issue." I have no idea what that is but it has to do with the whole startup I think. So, I called HP and told her straight out the situation and she pretty closely matched the specs and I can have it by Friday. So, I am now going to get an HP dv5020 instead and called Gateway back and canceled. The HP is a true 64 bit whereas the Gateway would have been able to handle 64 bit but it was still considered a 32 bit. That's all over my head. I'll have the same size hard drive (80 gig) and still the 1024 RAM and 15.4 inch monitor. This one does have the ultra brite, but most of them do. I guess it will be okay. The only thing this one doesn't have that the Gateway did is a 6 in 1 card reader built in, which would have been nice, and it only has two USB ports, which seems too few, but we'll see. I can get more if I need to. I think it will be fine.

Otherwise I worked on my flower bed. I've decide that if I were smart, I would take all those clumps of clay, spray paint them white or red, and use them like rocks and make a rock bed!!! I hauled what I had dug out -- some of it, haven't finished -- to a low place in my yard. And of course, my stupid wheelbarrow wheel broke. So, I had to make a few trips with one wheel. Yes, it had two wheels as opposed to the standard type with one in the middle. So, it was lopsided and hard to drag. At least I did most of it. I think we have rain in the forecast and I would have liked to have been finished before it rains, but it doesn't look like I'll make it.

Other than that -- I wounded myself trying to prepare my supper. Unfortunately, I didn't have my left middle finger totally out of the way of the knife when slicing an onion. So that really sucks. It's right by my nail and is fairly deep, but not gouged. So, I doctored it up and typing with the end of my finger bandaged isn't too easy. That's what I get for trying to do something domestic like cooking! lol

Well, almost time for Olbermann. I hope he'll focus on politics tonight and not so much sports. Lou Dobbs is putting him to shame right now! After that, maybe I'll watch a movie if I can find one.


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