Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Texas Primary Election day...

What a lousy citizen I am. I didn't go vote. I'm registered and all, but to be real honest about it, I don't keep up with local politics much, and I've seen so few ads or anything that I didn't know who was who. I just looked through the list of some of the races on the KFDM TV website (graphic also links to their web page.) If the R's re-elect Tom DeLay then they deserve what they get. I hope I can remember to turn on local news at 10:00 to see how things went. There's a couple of judges I'd like to see win; but for the most part, one name means no more to me than the other. I noticed Kay Bailey Hutchinson isn't opposed - imagine that.

As usual, Bush follows suit with his "didn't know" theme -- and had to make a trip to Texas to vote since he "didn't know" to get his absentee vote in on time. Geez. Another waste of our tax dollars! A postage stamp versus a whole entourage on Air Force One. Well, at least he voted I guess. Wonder if he voted for DeLay.

Nothing new here - did the little job I had, will get in a couple in tomorrow afternoon. Worked some on my flower bed, but not very long. I had a bag of lime here and sprinkled it over the clay clumps hoping it will break them up a bit. I don't know how much you're supposed to put or if you're supposed to water it. I just sprinkled it over the top. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow. Maybe it ays on the bag but the print is too little. Wish I knew somebody who knew about all this stuff. The people I knew who know are now either dead or gone. Guess I could look it up on the web, but I'm not in the mood to read at the moment. So, with a wing and a prayer. Maybe I should try to find a message board somewhere. Anybody know of one?

I did pot my tiger lilly bulbs and amarillis. They were already sprouting a little bit on top; so I assume that part was supposed to be above ground. Hope they make it. The little seeds that I thought weren't going to make it are barely peeping up through the soil -- tiny, tiny, tiny! They're so cute!

Well, that's it for today.


At 3/07/2006 10:04:00 PM , Blogger Luz said...

I just read that DeLay has been in office for 22 years!!! Time to get someone else...PLEASE!!!!! Getting ready to turn the TV and keeping my fingers crossed!

At 3/07/2006 11:06:00 PM , Blogger Lumoto said...

Numbers are in now... Geez - what does it take to wake up some people! Well, it's all up to Lampson now!


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