Sunday, March 12, 2006

Finally - laptop in operation

What a task this has been. Three days, but that's not unusual for me when I'm setting up a computer, either if it's new or a recovery. There's always snags that stump you and take time to figure it out. But I think for the most part everything is on, working, I think all the registrations are done. Don't you hate when you've had a software for years and you still have to register it if you install it again. The only thing that's not working at present is my cell phone cable driver. And for all I know it is working but I can't figure out the how to do it. Doesn't matter. I can email pictures, and I don't do it that often anyway - hardly ever. Maybe John can get it working when he puts the virtualization on it next week.

I've got all my filters installed on Photoshop and got all the videos working on the iTunes. I still haven't downloaded Real Player yet, but that's okay too.

There's some things I don't know yet - like where the volume control is. Of course I went to Control Panel and it's selected to show on the taskbar, but it doesn't. I don't know what a couple of the expansion port is for or the S-video out jack is for. I can see that some of the keys can be used as a numbers keypad, but I don't know how to activate that, or what some of the sub functions of the f-keys do or where the print screen key is. There's a way to watch a video without turning on the computer or something with Quick Time. I haven't tried that out yet. But all in all, it's more familiar to me and I'm really glad I got the brite screen feature. There is a reflection of the light behind you, but the resolution is really nice. I need to calibrate it, but it seems to need one setting for day and another for night!!

I'm also glad I got the HP. I've had lots of HP computers and other products, so, it's a familiar brand and has earned my trust. So, short of a lot of work getting the details like I want them, it's been kinda fun, though frustrating at times.

Here it is midnight, and last night I think I went to bed about 2:00 a.m. Fortunately, Mom and I did get out for a little bit today and got lunch, sat there at Roger's Park to eat a sandwich. That poor park is still showing the Rita wear and tear, but they're working on it because there's ugly muddy ruts all around the trees where they've had trucks I guess getting stumps up and stuff. There's still blue roofs - more than you would want to think, not only on poor houses that you would think, but nice places, big apartment complexes. Hope they all get them fixed before we get into hurricane season again.

It's time to shut this all down and go to bed. See ya' tomorrow.


At 3/13/2006 09:20:00 AM , Blogger Luz said...

Laptop looks very nice. Enjoy! I've had late nights the past two nights as well. Thank goodness, it's Spring break week! :-)


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