Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to basic routine

At least for today. Puttered around the house, though I should have done more housework than I did. There were a few tweaking issues I did with the laptop. So nothing new on the homefront or any of my projects.

Well, other than I did take the Dimage Z2 out back and tried to take a few macros, and -- geez, I've forgotten a lot! It was too late, and so the light was bad; so there's a little bit of an excuse, but talk about rusty! Ever since it broke right when we were all coming back from evacuation, I've been using a fully automatic HP Photosmart - nothing to do but click. Going to take some practice to get back to speed - at least where I had left off. Nothing turned out worthy to post here. Even remembering how to delete them all off the memory card taxed my brain for a few minutes till I figured it out.

Tomorrow I'll be getting with John and Sheridan. So, it will be nice to see them. I'm anxious for him to see my new toy, and see how he's going to set the virtualization up. It sounds intriguing. Hope it will work and I'll know how to handle it.

My neighbor called me today, the one on the other side of the one that moved out. She said they're moving the 28th of this month, and did I know anybody who might want to buy her house. Well, no I don't; but I did have one suggestion that I doubted would pan out. I never did get too close with these neighbors, only a few talks in the yard a few times. She's the one that was going to let me have the storage shed. But it's always scary when neighbors move out because you don't know who will be moving in behind them. There was another house across from her that was moved out today. I didn't know that lady at all. But it's now a vacant space. All I can do is hope for the best or make the best out of whatever happens.

I'm not using the laptop to blog with right now, but the desktop. And it is still doing that delayed screen refresh thing. I'm working on a job on a different computer; and when I came back to this one, the screen saver wouldn't release for several seconds, acted like it was frozen. This computer has been doing that for a while now. I guess when I get a breather from computers for a few days, I'm going to have to do a recovery on this one. No doubt the registry has all sorts of trash in it by now. That really sucks. I hate doing this. boo-hoo!! It always takes so long. I do have the Ghost set up for this, but I won't use it because there are things I'll not want to put back. Thank goodness for the external drive. That's about all I can say!!

Well, adios for tonight. Hope you all have a good evening.


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