Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just checking in

Don't want to ruin my daily accounts by missing a day of my online diary. There's nothing earth shattering to report other than I spent the day with Sheridan, which is special in itself. She had a whole disk of pictures she wanted emailed to her so she could have them on her computer that's at her home so they would be already in the mail and she could forward them. I guess she doesn't quite know how to get them off a CD; so we tried sending them full size, and her email account quickly hit its limits. So that didn't work. We messed with that project all morning and finally I did resize them but it was still over 3 mg in size; so to make a long story short, the way she wanted to handle it is email them all to her mom's account and then her mom mail them to her AOL account where she had room. I could have sent them there, of course, myself, but both her parents have all her email accounts where only approved addresses can get an email to her, and her mom just hadn't put me on that particular account.

Even though child predators have always been with us, the Internet has made their sick pastime so much easier. It's sad too, because the kids can't really enjoy the email attachments and fun things that get sent around because of all the filters and protection settings. But I sure don't blame her parents for having the protections on. Then today there was the horrible story of the child porn rings sting. It's so sick.

After we got resolved to her satisfaction, we watched Hook. If I had seen it before, it was long forgotten; so I enjoyed seeing it a lot.

Other than that, I wanted John to try to could figure out my cell phone upload program and see about the driver. I had misplaced the disk and found the program online, but not sure about the driver. Problem now is I can't find the blasted cable. I know I had it! Where did I put it!!! I really hate myself when I do this. I swear, there's a goblin hanging around that takes great joy in hiding things from me.

Tomorrow our precious visit will end. It's always such a joy to spend time with my kids. All the time they were growing up, I took it for granted that they would form their families and have their jobs in town and we'd have weekend visits or barbecues and babysitting and shopping together. That just wasn't in the stars. I have to admit, it's hard not to be envious of people whose kids live next door or at least nearby and have daily visits and get to share life. So needless to say what time I do get is always cherished time. So, it will be time to get back into my routine of my projects and my own responsibilities. There's certainly enough to keep me occupied.


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