Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tommy had another rough day...

This morning Quincy woke me up about 6:30 and I realized Tommy had never come to get me to let him outside -- which he does usually about 5:30. So, I immediately went to see about him, and sure enough, he was ill. Very lathargic, very weak, turned his head away when I offered him his food. Poor Tommy. I had stopped giving him his antibiotics because he had fully recovered from the abscess. But I still had some, so I gave him a dose. He laid around all day and even at one point crawled up under my day bed to lay down. Ohh, that's not a good sign!! But eventually he started coming out of it and by late evening, he was ready to go outside for a little bit, lay on the patio and get some air. I gave him his 2nd dose, and by nighttime he was feeling pretty good again.

I sure wonder what it is that makes him do this. It happens periodically and I do know he's getting old. But as of now, I think he's out of the danger zone.

He pretty much monopolized my day and my thoughts. I did have a very little work to do. Wasn't much going on in the news either. So, it was a pretty boring day -- as it seems a lot of them are.


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