Thursday, April 13, 2006

Duke U, Justin Berry, and South Park

Oh, I'm slipping! Didn't get my diary entry done yesterday. Most of the day was spent doing dreadful paperwork, checking and rechecking numbers, and pretty much mundane stuff. I did look around on the Internet for something really cool to put on my blog without another long dissertation on politics since I really don't want to turn this into a political blog. But there wasn't really anything that caught my interest. Then I visited with a friend on the phone till late and just didn't ever get around to making my post.

Today was errands day -- bank (long line to wait), Wal-Mart (lanes closed on Interstate and snail's pace traffic), circled through the post office mailbox and with a prayer, dropped off my tax check, ate lunch, took flowers out for Daddy's grave for Easter -- home -- exhausted!! In fact here it is after 9:00 and I still haven't finished putting the groceries all away.

Good Friday is tomorrow. I don't expect to do anything special. In fact, since I've been so preoccupied with my taxes I'll probably work on a job I have here. Maybe I can get it done tomorrow and Saturday; and then Sunday just relax and enjoy being off. Maybe watch some kind of Easter service on TV or something.

Re: Lacrosse Duke University Rape case:
Well, maybe I will rant on one thing -- they've been playing so much about this Lacrosse team rape case at Duke University. Sometimes I wonder if they don't just try to find the most graphic words they can, hardly short of verbal pornography. Where are the days when they would use more modest language. Everybody knows what happened. They don't have to spell it all out. I really like what her brother said -- he said she's a woman, she's a mother -- wish I could find the quote; but he was trying to get the woman some dignity. It's not going to happen! Rush Limbaugh - gentleman that he is, called her a "ho" today!!! Why is that blow-gut still on the air!!
To be honest, I haven't followed this case too much, but every time they're talking about it, they're using as graphic language as they can think of on what is supposed to be the news! It's like the news is turning into verbal porn!

Re: Justin Berry - the teenager who testified on Capitol Hill about his horrid experiences in the child porn rings.
They did the same thing with that boy. As far as I'm concerned, they continually re-violated that boy by showing it over and over and over ad nauseum --- talking about how awful it was -- well, it was -- but --"Let's watch it again -- I know we just showed it 5 minutes ago, but let's see it again so we can talk about it again." Maybe some secret fantasies going on???

Re: South Park show -- Now this one really makes me furious! And to be on Easter Week just compounds it! I just heard about it on Scarborough Country. I never watch South Park and never will. It shouldn't even be on the air! I really, REALLY hope Christians all over the world will rise up and DEMAND some respect, an apology, and to shut the show down. It's so vial, I won't even write it. They wouldn't show the segment on the show. Good for them. If you don't know what this is about and you really want to know -- you can read about it at CBS News Entertainment (entertainment???) But personally, now I have to go watch something else to get that filth out of my head.


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