Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday's log...

Today was a pretty lazy beginning, got coffee, email and so forth, picked up Mom to go buy cat food and get something off to Sarah -- my precious, beautiful, baby girl granddaughter for her Big No. 1 Birthday! Wow, already a year old! How amazing is that!!!

Anyway, then we had to decide where to eat lunch, and my aunt has said for months she wanted us to go to Olive Garden for salad and breadsticks. So, we called her and sure 'nuff, she could meet us.
We go there maybe 30 minutes before she did, and the restaurant was busy enough that we had to take a number -- and let them pass us while we waited. That was fine. We were just lounging there in the lobby and watching people as they came in and left.

What really struck me was I'd say 3 out of 5 people who passing to and fro were at least 250 pounds plus. In fact, I might be being generous to give it that much proportion. With all the talk about the children and the population - not only here but in the world I guess - I'm convinced, totally and thoroughly convinced that something is going on in our food supplies that is doing it to people. To say that all these people are obese simply from pigging out and couch potato lifestyle in my opinion is a way over-simplification.

I don't know what it is, of course. I'm not a scientist. But think about the chemicals that they use in our foods, both spraying the produce, the preservatives, the steroids they give to the animals, and even, heaven forbid, the cloned animals. One day, mark my words, they will discover this -- if they don't know already and don't want it to be public.

I'm sure that there is some overeater factor, but I'll bet you a dollar to the proverbial doughnut that it's something way more to it that's changing the body chemistry.

Okay. So much for that soapbox. We had a nice lunch, nice visit. I don't get to see my aunt very often. She's, sadly, a strong Republican - so I tend to have to bite my tongue sometimes if we get off on politics. She seems convinced the disaster that everything is in now is all the Democrats fault and the storms and tornados are God's punishment. Well, it's easier to just grunt a little, but I did have to say I really didn't believe that. Still thank goodness, the whole conversation wasn't dominated with that touchy topic, and it was a pleasant outing.

By the time I got back home, I was really sleepy and wanting a nap in the worst way. However, a friend IM'd me, and my mouse just quit working. So, that put me in a frantic frenzy of trying to get it taken apart and cleaned; but to no avail. So, I had to go over to Computer Shak real quick and buy a new one. By then I was over that sinking sleepy spell, and never got my nap.

Well, that was pretty much my day. I will be getting a job in tomorrow, but TC said it's very small. Here we go again.


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