Wednesday, April 19, 2006

McClellan sacrificed -- who will be new press secy?

Now, I'm no fan of most, if any, Republicans -- but Scott McClellan has never irritated me the way a lot of them have. He didn't have that smug arrogant persona that Ari Fleisher had, for example. In fact, I would really feel sorry for him sometimes because of the lies he would have to tell and the horrendous predicament the Administration would put him in. Apparently, they'd lie to him so, mercifully, he wouldn't be "lying" to the press; he would only be passing on what he was told to pass on.

But nonetheless, he's history. Why he didn't just quit on his own as protest makes me wonder a little about his own credibility and honor, but it's not the messenger, stupid -- it's the message!!!

And now I hear they're thinking of putting Tony Snow in his place! OH, MY LORD! Well, he sure is perfect example of a controlled voice for the White House -- so, what would you expect! Just to give you an idea of what we'll be in for if he gets it -- he was on Bill O'Rielly show last night (no, I didn't suffer through it but it's posted on the Internet) and "Snow was trying to counter the public perception that we're getting gouged by the oil companies. After noting that a gallon of gas costs the same as a gallon of milk Snow commented,
'A gallon of milk has lower production costs than a gallon of gas. Does that mean we're getting gouged by cows?'"

Doubtful they'd offer the job to Helen Thomas!

Shuffling around these people is the silliest thing I ever saw. How can this country ever maintain any dignity or respect in the rest of the world when our leaders are so -- well, sometimes just plain - SILLY is at least one word for it -- yet, very seriously and sadly, they're the ones running things. No matter what the public or generals or anybody says - they ignore it. It's an insult to the population and the world to watch these "leaders of the free world" play musical chairs in the pretense they're doing something and never address the REAL problems.

With all that said -- here is who I would recommend they put in Scotty's place. He would be perfect for the job, and I wish we could all sign some kind of petition somewhere!

I hereby nominate Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the former Iraqi minister of Information, a/k/a "Bagdad Bob"

In case you need a refresher...
Here are some of the All Time Greats!


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