Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Funny Cat Video 2

Funny Cat Video 2 -- click on the picture! You gotta just love cats!
I sure wish I could get a video of Tommy's morning routine. Every morning, usually about 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., he will be ready to go outside. Needless to say I'm in pretty deep sleep by that time as it's usually well after 2:00 before I can finally get to sleep, even with the one Tylenol PM I allow myself as a sleep aid. Anyway, he sleeps in my office until he's ready to go out. Then he'll come to the bedroom, get on my night table, sit there a minute looking at me to see if I'll wake up. If not, he will walk across the top of the bed, above my head, to the other side, perch on that night table and see if that woke me up. If not, he will go back to the original side, only this time he will make sure he bounces the mattress a little harder. I've played possum enough to know he'll continue doing this, back and forth, pouncing harder each time, till I show signs of life. As soon as I even turn over, he races to the front door and waits. If I take too long to get there and let him out, he's comes back to see what happened to me and has a very irritated expression on his little face. For a cat, he can definitely get a wrinkle in his brow! Who said animals aren't smart!

Nothing to report today. I worked, did a little better on my production today, though I can't crank it out like I could a few years ago. The weather was cold and rainy. I did get my cable, the USB to parallel adapter - actually I got it yesterday - but I haven't tried it yet.

I never answer unidentified or 1-800 numbers. They rarely will leave a message on the answering machine, but tonight they did, and it was Hewlett-Packard Tech Support checking on me to see if all was okay with my new laptop (dv5020). Remember, I had spent seven hours with them trying to get the wireless router to work and finally it turned out the Linksys people got it working. Actually, come to think of it, I do need to call HP back and tell them. But I thought that was really nice that they would follow through like that. I'm really happy I got the HP. I love it.

I checked on my little baby plants, and all seems to be okay. I'm thinking about where I'll be putting the rest of them when they get bigger. I've got to do something about my ugly, messy back neighbors. Maybe I will go to Sutherland's and look at that greenhouse netting. If it's opaque enough, maybe I should put it up. It's so disheartening. I'll just about guarantee you that Parigi won't be putting up the privacy anytime in the foreseeable future -- well, yeah, on second thought - when all my flowers are really doing great and at their prime of beauty, then they'll come along and dig post holes and trample all my pretty flowers in the ground. How's that for optimism!

Guess that's it for today. Think I'll watch the funny cats one more time. Ah, just looked -- Animal Plant's Funniest Animal Videos is on as we speak. That show always makes me laugh out loud!


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