Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday report...

Can't say today was anything earth shattering. I went through a huge stack of mail that was 7/8 junk mail. However, my phone bill was in there, and it's not AT&T instead of SWB. Guess I better change that on my bill pay on my bank site. I just straightened up, puttered around. This evening I filled my garden in with the soil I bought and have only one more wheelbarrowful of the clay to move out and wait for my little baby plants to get big enough to put in their new home. It won't be long. I actually had a few bags of dirt left over, so maybe I'll use it to expand the bulb bed.

When I came back in I saw where TC had called and said she had taken a job today and had to go back and take more of it tomorrow and she would drop the job off at my mom's in the morning since it's closer for her. So, I'll have to go get it and get back and --- yeah! So, glad to have a job to do!

Today, on C-Span they covered a live discussion with some of the ex-detainees who had been held for years in Guantanamo. It was so upsetting to me to hear how mean my fellow Americans have been to other human beings. The whole torture, Gitmo, Abu Gareb situation has been appalling to me and has made me ashamed of the conduct of our government. We should be better than that. Believe me when I say what I'm saying now is mild to the outrage in my heart. For the life of me I can't understand these far right people who seem to revel in how justified they are to be so cruel. The thing of it is, none of these people had done anything wrong. It could have been anybody husband, father or son.

Beside that, I've been thinking about how now with Bush's approval ratings being so low, the Republicans and some Democrats are now conveniently saying how horrible a job Bush is doing and though they're certainly not going to get an argument out of me about it - my whole philosophy is it's about darn time people start waking up out of their fog - I just got to thinking how most of them are crying foul now and they were just as guilty as he was when they endorsed everything, gave him the go-ahead for all these things, egged him on and drove up his approval numbers giving him all that "political capital" he was so proud of; now they're complaining things aren't going so good. What hipocrits. When he kept hollering about the weapons and we needed to invade and all that, it was so obvious that it was all one big con job on everybody, ruse of the century to have an excuse to go to war. It couldn't have been more obvious. But no, so many of the senators, and representatives and even John Q Public all saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, now they all are saying how lousy Bush has done. Yes, he has, but all those people need to take a good hard look in the mirror. They carry just as much blame.

On a happier note -- I brought my laptop into the living room and set it up on a TV tray and have been setting up MS Outlook to bring in my mail accounts. On my desktop I use Incredimail; but I don't want it on this one; will just let Outlook retrieve it, but not delete the mail. That way it will still collect in the same place, but I won't have to sign into four different accounts. I'm not sure if I can get Outlook to retrieve AOL or not. But it's okay. I can just log into AOL.

Well, think I'll try to get to bed early - at least for me. Hopefully I can pick up my job in the morning and get back and get started on it before noon.


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