Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday's achievements...

Sweet peas move into their new home...

My very young and tender sweet peas now have a home. I doubt I'll keep the fence thing up around the front, but I put it there just to protect them while they're so fragile. Yes, I know the background is ultra ugly. There's not too much I can do about that at the moment. You know the commercial on TV for the windows where the two ladies are admiring the windows and the homeowner shows her friend how she lowers and raises the blinds inside the windows and the hubby is almost setting himself on fire in the yard but they don't look through the window -- well, that's how I have to be about my backyard. Don't look past the fence.

This angle makes the bed look longer than it is. The section I finished for the sweet peas is about a fourth of the bed I guess. It's still most definitely under construction. Maybe by the end of the summer I'll have it all finished! But this much is an achievement.

I had to call Shell's Nursery today about my azaleas. It seems they are requiring a whole lot of watering. One didn't really snap back real well today, and it scared me. He told me they need watering from the base rather than top and that I should get a soaker, put it on a timer, put mulch around them, and also feed them with some azalea food. So, that's a project to take care of tomorrow. I really don't want to kill these azaleas. I love them and besides, I paid about $20 a piece for them. I rewatered the one that looked the worst, like he said around the base, and I think it did help, but it's dark and hard to see.

Other than all this gardening preoccupation, I again deserve some sort of pat on the back because I got out all my income tax junk and completed my first rough draft. There will be some rechecking and looking, but at least I have an idea how much I'll have to pay. Being self-employed and never sending in the right amount on quarterlies, I never have the luxury of getting any money back.

Well, it's early enough, think I'll pull up my Yahoo TV schedule and see what's on that might hold my interest for an hour or two.


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