Friday, March 24, 2006

A trip to the vet...

Tommy did ask to go out this morning, but it was evident that he felt like death warmed over. He was cranky if I picked him up, and laid around. I noticed him licking on his bottom and decided to try to see if I could see anything wrong; and sure enough, there was some redness, something wrong there. He didn't want me messing with him and he has a lot of fur and I couldn't see well enough to see what was going on. I'll have to admit, cancer crossed my mind. You always think the worst. So, I called Dr. Crenshaw - the only vet in town that I trust with anything more even mildly serious. They said they'd work me in at 4:00. It was about 1:00 then.

Well, it's not cancer, he said he has an abscess, that he had evidently gotten in a fight and was either clawed or bit. He said the best thing to do would be put him under and drain the abscess and get it all cleaned up, but being late Friday evening, he wouldn't have time and offered to keep him over the weekend. No, I didn't want to do that. But he gave him an antibiotic shot and some antibiotic liquid for me to try to give him this weekend and call them Monday and go from there. He said he should at least feel some better, but as of right now, he's not seeming to feel any better. He did eat a little. Poor Tommy.

He's quite protective of his home, and if a cat comes around, he will challenge the cat to leave. Not too long ago he tangled with one and got a bloody ear from it. It's probably the same cat. Actually, it's not a bad cat, he looks sort of like Tommy. He doesn't have a good home and he'll be looking for some food is all, but Tommy is not a gracious host for cat company. It may not have been that cat. I really have no idea. Maybe some insect or spider bit him? Whatever, it's not pleasant, and if he doesn't get a whole lot better over the weekend, I'll have to let the doc do what he thinks is best. I didn't ask how much this is going to cost, but hopefully it won't be horrific!

Besides that all that, I checked on my little flowers out back and the morning glories looked like they were about fried. Too tender to be in the sun, even if it is cool. At least that was my novice analysis. So, I gently pulled them out of the flower bed and put them back in little pots and back on the patio out of direct sun and wind. Not too many of the seeds germated anyway. Wonder if they're for a different zone or something? Then, to add to my dismay over my gardening efforts, even a couple pots of my pansies in front were about dead from dryness. Dang, these plants drink a lot of water! But it did snap back. So, I was happy about that.

The neighbors who are so messy in the back decided to weedeat the fence, the other side of my bed. And they blew all their trash and grass clippings and stuff on my little baby flowers. Rude men! I've got to get that netting or something put up. But I don't have time now. In spite of the stresses today - and major worry about my little kitty, I did make some headway on work - finished one of the big jobs. There's a continuation to it that I need to get finished this weekend.

If you feel so inclined, say a little prayer for Tommy that he won't have to have that place lanced. He and I both need a break.


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